Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One thing I don't understand

 Title wrong. Should be: Brave he was, pity I felt.

Was my first night out after returning from the holidays, so my mood was sour. Had a few drinks, and after seeing that my favorite club in town would rest in peace, decided to jump to the hipster bar near my place.

The bar is full.

Took a double dose of Pernod on ice, and started talking with the people I know.

At some point I knew I had enough, so gave the rest of my Pernod to an acquaintance, and went to check out the dancefloor before I left.

As I suspected, it was a sausage fest.

When I was about to leave I see this brunette talking with her blond friend, by the dance room door.

I have the bored look on my face, and tipsy, she looks and smiles. I take two steps forward, mentally slap my self, and turn back.

"I was leaving, but leaving without saying hey would be a mistake"

And from there the boring chat ensures, where are you from yada yada... Then she says

"We are going to spain next week"
"For holiday I suppose"
"No, for a year"

Aha I thought to myself, few more happy spanish dudes next year.
"You will have fun. Barcelona this summer was great"
As the brunette was repeating "Barcelona" with love in her voice,

Two guys approached, totally wasted,

One lend me his hand, together with a happy face, I take it, shake it, and then the little boy heavy handedly slaps my back, always staying two steps away.

I ignore the fly.

While the guy is still blabbering, I turn to the girls and ask who's boyfriend that is. It is the blonds. Good I think, on to my sour mood now this.

The girls say they are sorry when the boy tries to touch my glasses, after seeing my eyes, he stopped, but he was close to pushing them off my face.

The girls were saying sorry all the time, I did not move an inch.


One, I was in a too sour mood. (The death of my favorite club is a topic I will write later, my battery has 8% left)

Two, next year a whole train of Spanish boy would make him pay for his half assed demonstration of masculinity.

You gotta intimidate someone? Do not be half assed.

Your girl is going on a year of exchange studies to a latino country? Get her tested when back, if you dont dump her before she leaves.

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