Friday, January 14, 2011

Coins have two sides

Enjoying a 12 year olsd Singleton, listening to Ave End, Lacrimas Profundere, one thought came to my mind watching the snow outside and feeling it not stopping me from going on a short round of barhopping:

What is the key point a woman looks in a man? Humor? Intelligence? Kindness? (ok, let's move to the real world), status, looks, attitude?

What is the key point that will make a woman loose interest in a man?


More like, the lack of challenge.

"I want a man who is a challenge"

You have all the above, but you are not a challenge, your value to a girl is zilch, nada, subzero.

And society accepts this,


I take that, I can run with that.

Can women run with the fact that me, and most of the men out there want a woman who also is a challenge?

"An impossible challenge to men before me."

If I am demanded to be a challenge, so I demand a woman to be a challenge. Just to a wider audience.

The lowest denominator in the history sets the value.

Next time a woman proudly tells me she likes a man who is a challenge,

I will say*,

"I totally agree and say that I like a woman who has been an impossible challenge until just this moment. Can you handle that?"

I accept the 99.99% failure rate. None of those left...

*This behavior is reserved to the ones who proudly state the being a challenge standard.

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