Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amnesty international has no allegiance to western humans

In all seriousness, al almost laughing as I write this.

I wonder what a Finn thought when he read in the newspaper that amnesty international, AI, criticized Finland for inhumane treatment of the asylum seekers; in the same paper that just yesterday alluded to the fact that 30% of the men from the conflict areas are under risk of having untreatable mental conditions. (my previous post)

The same Finn, whose minister wanted to eliminate background checks...

Amnesty mentioned something about the treatment of asylum seekers.

If it really were so bad, would we have Egyptian magazines making a cover of Finland being the welfare paradise to go to? Ah well, evil Finns, even with paradise like welfare, the 5 million people, a mini mini tiny little minority of the world population, can apparently not feed enough mouths...

Where does the allegiance of amnesty international lie?

When two vibrants raped a 15 year old, AI was silent.
When a middle easterner raped a 19 year old, AI was silent.
When churches were being burned with people inside, in Nigeria, AI was silent.
When farmers were butchered by vibrants back in some vibrantland, AI was silent.
When white Zimbabwen farmers were denied asylum and sent back to their sure death, AI was silent.
The rape and assault spree by vibrants in Sweden, AI is silent.
I can continue with thousands more of silent examples.

When an asylum seeker on wait in Oslo rapes a Norwegian girl on the steps of the Norwegian parliament, AI is silent.

That raping piece of oppressed shit cannot be deported due to the laws that Amnesty International lobbied for, and broke silence for, when some criminal piece of  shit was to be deported for proven, usually multiple, crimes.

And this is how we know where AI stands.

Now, the Amnesty International thugs would call me inciting hate against proven criminals...

Already have racist, now we have criminalist?

Discrimination against criminals? Rapists? Murderers?

A'ight; what if the criminal is a westerner, and the victim is a vibrant? As, in a tiny minority of cases?

What trumps what?

Don't know why, am still smiling. It is not frustration. It may be seeing that the multiculti pc establishment is starting to devour itself. It is overreaching. We will be collateral damage in the fallout, but we already are collateral damage.

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