Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why rejection means nothing, Episode 667

I have written about this before and I will write about this before. It is the main point which can make a man live in Kitten Heaven, or live in Horny Hell.

If you are not in the position where women are falling into your lap, you have to approach. You have to put yourself out there, you have to be on your best, and if the Kittens are too shy to say Hi, you will. A man takes what he wants, and the Kitten respects a man who takes what he wants.

Of course what you Little Tigers don't know is that if you put yourself in the line of fire, that also gives you the right to leave the Kitten after you played with it. Hello Kitty, Mutual satisfaction, Bye Kitty.

But what you Little Tigers also don't know is that rejection does not matter.

Not a bit.

She is not rejecting you, she is rejecting some image she has in your head about you. Can you learn from rejection? Of course. Do you fret on rejection? Unless you got rejected -insert some arbitrary number, I like 10- times in a row, no. If you are running a full streak of rejection of ten times then, go back and study what you did. Even then, do you fret on it?


One is a blondie, in a white dress, one is a brunette in a black dress.

Two pretentious girls, trying hard to speak the London accent, and failing. Damn cute tho.

After some chat, thos convo happens:

"So she is the black swan and you are the white swan?"
"Nooo. It is not like that." she says, for some reason annoyed.
"What, she is the good one and you the evil?"
"No. Not like that."... yea, whatever
"Hey I was guessing"
"Yea, you guessed wrong."
"Even the best of us make mistakes, eh.."
"Yea, bad guess."

She turns around and takes her friend and leaves.

I got rejected.


With that behavior, that would be a blessing.

See, rejection does not matter.

It either teaches, or it filters.

In either case, it is the way you have to risk walking. No risk, no bam bam.

Do I learn? No.

The next night, we bump into the same girls.

After she blabbered some useless personal story to me she whispers in my ear,

"Would be nice to see you again", to which I smirk and lift a brow. This time the brunette wants to go to toilet so they leave.

The same girl, fifteen minutes later, brushes me off in front of her friends.

The girl who just told me "Would be nice to see you again"....

 Rejected, yes, but now I know,

1. It was not me.
2. I will see her when she does not have to pretend difficult in front of her girls
3. Pump and dump

But point 1. stays true for many many times.

The next day I recount the story to a friend of mine, he says, "Dude, these girls are crazy. So many times the girl was looking at me like she wants to eat me, then I go say hi, and she acts like I jut pulled a gun out"

"Dunno 'bout here, but just read that in the states, one quarter of women our age are taking prescription mental medicine. And those are the diagnosed ones."

"Look, whatever problem the states women have, the same problem these women have. Add to it the cold and the dark, I say half these are crazy"

Coming from a man who wore out shoes being around the blocks.

Crazy does what crazy does, you, my friend, NEXT, sail upon new stories, new loves, new memories, through the seas that may have rejections as little waves, on roads that have rejection as little bumps.

You want a lubed up dick shining in the dark, or you want it to fall off?

Risk it. Live it. Embrace it. Fuck it. 

Same night, another girl,

She has shining eyes in the dark bar. We have been talking for some minutes, and I cannot take my eyes off those shining eyes.

It is the first time I see eyes that seem to have light inside them, so I tell her. 

Of course she thinks it is a cheap compliment,

Do I care,


We continue chatting, she excuses herself to find her friends who she mentioned before, but,

"Will I see you again tonight?" she says, I smile.

Fifteen minutes later she arrives with a stud in tow, girl looking at me and smiling, all puppy eyes...


Not really. Apparently bigger, better, more enthusiastic man came along.

Do I care?


We'll meet again, and then she will get to hear "Hey, you had a bad day? You shine is gone"...

Cheap but effective.


Same night. Another girl.

Jumps on me when she sees me.

Old acquaintance. Halfway drunk.

Not drunk enough for me to eject myself from the situation.

Great interaction going on, good fun. Then her friends take her to the bar.

She returns wasted.

This means I will put in a half assed effort.

Half assed effort I put in.

At the end of the night she left the other way, I went the other way.

"Can I take your invitation some other day" was the last words she said.

Another rejection?



Now, are these rejections?

Not really. These are events that happen a thousand steps into the first "Hi".

But these are the stories that you remember.

To get to these stories, you have to risk rejection, and rejections, except a memorable few, will be forgotten by you the second the next cutie smiles at you and brushes her hair against your stubbled chin.

That is why rejections don't matter.

What you will not remember will not matter.

Risking rejection is the way to getting memories, the road to mutual pleasure runs through you risking rejection.

A risk whose worst result has a duration till the next cute smile. 

A risk, that, if you don't risk it, will cause your dick to fall off from disuse.

A risk, that if you risk it, in worst case is one step closer to that cute smile.


Here is another story of an adventure that left me with a week of blue balls.

A party that I was in.

Girl invites me to dance in the hot tub, girl has a legendary ass, and has the move like a snake to a flute, I reject the hot tub. It has been full of drunk party people for the last eight hours.

But I tell her I will dance in the sauna.

In between ten people, she gets out of the hot tub, takes my hand, and takes me to the sauna.

Some fight breaks out between the party people. I say fuck it, I leave the girl in the sauna.

She comes out to the garden, I go back to the sauna, am tipsy and want my peace.

Must have spent an hour in the sauna, drinking and sweating. Take my shower and go sit in the cooling room, playing with my phone. The fight has cooled off, I presume from the lack of noise. I enjoy my condition.

Snake comes in, points towards the sauna, first I am too lazy to get up, then I say, "What the fuck...",  I go to the sauna with the girl.

There is a guy in sauna, so am not going to get wet just to sit in the sauna, just as i am about to turn, she takes off her bra (normal in the sauna), takes off her panties (normal in the sauna), pulls me in to the shower (not normal in the sauna).

Five minutes later, she comes to my magic fingers.

Just then we hear sounds of people entering the dressing room.
Just when I was thinking of her getting me off, the girl gets out of the shower covers herself, cheeks all pink. 

Five minutes of ice cold shower, my dick is hanging low enough that I can leave the shower.

Would she have gotten her orgasm if she would have not risked that rejection?
But I would not have gotten my blue balls either.
A story that is worth a week of blue balls, nevertheless.
Just another story.

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