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Are there repercussions on importing untreatable mentally ill immigrants?

Few months ago I had quit my reporting on the stuff that I read in the media, because it was already clear that the media is swimming in treacherous waters to western culture and is a total believer or slave to multiculti diversity, which has never been proven to be beneficial, plenty of times has been observed to be society destroying. That said, for the multiculti diversity crowd, "it feels good" is enough proof, even though you don't see this group hanging around the vibrant crowd.

In the last few weeks, three news pieces came out which give rise to very important questions that need to be asked, and which point to the fact that the current cultural establishment is indeed more invested in betraying the west than it is in benefiting it.

Thus I will shortly touch on these news outlets, ask some questions and let the reader ponder on what I asked, why they are never asked, and what the answers would be or could be.

The quotes I have taken are from the national news broadcaster's english website, from an article that talks about a study about immigrant's mental health.

Researchers interviewed nearly 2,000 Kurdish, Somali and Russian immigrants in six major cities in their native languages. They found many of their mental health problems were neither diagnosed nor treated.

You got to give credit, that is a huge number, so the results from this can easily be generalized.
Wikipedia gives the number of Somali speakers as 14000, and the Kurdish speakers as 8600, in 2011 statistics numbers. considering that the recent news give the number of Somalis in Helsinki as 16000,  I suspect the total is close to 20000, and also the Kurdish to be over 10000 by now. My observations in the town also point to this rise in these populations.  Russians are pretty steady at 60000.

Would have been nicer though to get a better reporting on the break down of the 2000 interviewed.

I will quote the most important part again:

They found many of their mental health problems were neither diagnosed nor treated
This quote does not justice to the brevity of the whole issue though, 

In a broad-based study of nearly 2,000 Somali, Russian and Kurdish immigrants, the health regulator found that Kurds in particular bear deep psychological wounds that Finns may not always know how to treat.
And here I take the most important part:
Finns may not always know how to treat.

Part of the rest of the text I quote for sake of correct reporting:

Even preliminary findings showed that mental health problems exist, according Anu Castaneda. In particular the bleak history of Kurds involved in the study has left indelible marks on some individuals.

“For example a majority of them have survived war and more than one-third of Kurdish men have been subjected to extreme acts like torture and of course this kind of cause and effect situation is difficult to imagine. But it seems that they have endured these kinds of traumas as well as other psychic and painful experiences,” she explained.

Moreover the researchers have discovered that immigrants in need of mental health treatment do not always receive it.
The rest of the text is unimportant.

My sympathies go to the people, as said, men, who have endured unspeakable acts of violence and evil, and wish them all the help they can get to get back to a good life.

Having said that,

I have questions to the pro-immigrationists, and the establishment itself, after making clear somethings that are and are not mentioned in the article.

Out of a two populations that make it to the top ten of Finland's foreign make up, 30% of the men (considering that Somali is not really a peaceful place of singing unicorns) potentially have


mental conditions,

My question is,

What are the repercussions of taking in as immigrants populations that have an unnaturally high mental health issue problem, that is not diagnosed, is not treated, and is not treatable by the western health organizations; on the native population and other immigrants who do not have this high of an occurrence of mental health issues?

This is the formal question.

Now, consider that these groups are heavily involved in honor killings, honor violence, rape and assault (even the multiculti media establishment YLE had to report on these incidents- i.e. a gang rape of a 15 year old by two Somalis, and a middle eastern man raping a 19 year old were the last reported rapes in the past months), and considering that these populations are again disproportionally represented in the vibrant youth seen hanging out in town,

I would like to ask a few more informal questions:

1. What is the fallout of the decision to give residence permits to untreatable mentally unstable people on the other citizens, Finn and foreign alike?
2.  Now tat this report is out, will the government urge the more mentally stable people caution when dealing with potentially mentally unstable populations? (since you don't see Kurdish or Somali women out in the town except when under protection of a male family member or when pushing a whole kindergarten full of carts in front of them, threat from women is nonexistent, except if a man of different ethnicity deals with one and word goes to a potentially unstable male member of the family)
3. Looking at Sweden and Norway's already published statistics, and Finland's emerging trend in rape and other crime, how will this study be utilized, and how will this study be used to benefit the rest of the population. Will it be?
4. What is the justification of letting human beings in permanently, without mentally screening them if they are a potential threat to the existing population or not, and if it is a humanist action, what about the humanistic rights of the existing population?

A last statement to the pro-immigrationist multiculti diversity advocates:

The suffering of every raped girl, the blood of every assaulted man, the pain of every vibrant woman that went though honor violence, the pain of every western and non-vibrating kid that was bullied, the hurt of every innocent vibrant immigrant preemptively assaulted by skinheads, is on your hands. And your hands are already dripping with blood like the Niagara Falls.

You let the mentally unhealthy through your doors, even if you could not help them, putting all of us in potential danger, now there are mentally unstable anywhere, anytime, waiting for the wrong trigger to take out all the wrongs done to them on innocent people.

As the rapes show, sometimes triggers are not needed.

You, you people, are the idiots who let a back door open in the siege of Constantinople,
You are the idiots who let that wooden horse through the gate of Troja,

Only difference is that I do not believe you are idiots acting in good faith. I do not think you are idiots. You very well know what you are doing, you very well know of the fallout your disastrous policies will have on the girls and boys of the west, and you did everything knowing what the results would be.

You are traitors, and I hope one day history will treat you as such.

Until that day comes, may your children shit on your graves.

Endnote: Like I said, I wish those victims of war all the help they can get, and a good life, and offer my sympathies. I do not condone violence, and the ethnic groups I talked here are mentioned by name only because the newspaper clearly mentions them and their conditions. Other event I mentioned are also in the newspapers, together with court rulings and police statements. Numbers are taken from wikipedia and extrapolations taken from other reports again by the media.

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