Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shake in the belly shot in the foot.


You overweight man in the gym.

No, not you , you fourpack sporting dude, and not you, you sixpack stud.

You, overweight man.

You, who just so full of effort elliptical trained for an hour.

Or you, who just trained your biceps with 5 kilo dumbbells and not even broke a sweat.

You, who I see everytime I go to the gym, whom I suspect is there more often than me.

You, walking on the treadmill for an hour, or treading on the treadmill for ten minutes.

You, doing pushups on your knees because you are too heavy.

Look, I respect your efforts, and if you ask me what I do, I would gladly sit down and tell you few things.

But man,

You train so you can lose some fat.

How much extra you got?

20 kilos?


Let's say 10.

Your butt is bigger than J.Lopez, your breasts rival Scarlett Johansson, - and unless you are a powerlifter deadlifting 300-400 kgs, in which case I cannot give you any advice you gorilla of a man - put that fucking shake down.

Say you got 10 kgs of fat, you got 90.000 calories available energy in your body. Ok, if you are goring on healthy gatorade, healthy low fat sugar yogurt you will never be able to tap int that energy, but that shake of dextrose, msg, maltodextrose, maltodextrin, sucrose, sweetener and some protein won't help you either.

You don't need that protein, you already eat enough.

You don't need that sugar, your muscles have 90.000 calories of available energy. The 1000 calorie shake goes to your waist, not your biceps.

Stop the sugar, stop the low fat, prepare your own food, and if you did train heavy, go take a shower and eat at home.

The more shakes you take the fatter you get, the more you train, the more shakes you get, the more shakes you get the fatter you get....


For fucks sake, STOP!

Give your body a chance to release that fat.

Then you look at me in funny ways because I down a mango and some cheese after my training.

That is what you should do, like after using that 90.000 excess calories.

Like after managing to run for an hour, hundred times, without increasing your food intake.

At this point, seeing you gorge on a 1000 calorie from sugar shake after a medium training, that is the deepest knowledge you can absorb.

Stop the shake.

Allow your body to burn the excess.

Anyway, you did not train that hard.

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