Thursday, May 10, 2012

Breasts are there for feeding, big food is there for profit

Was having my breakfast in the workplace coffee room when a mother came in with a baby that still lies on the floor and barely can crawl. 6 months?

I was eating smashed sweet potatoes with brussels sprouts, with smoked norwegian salmon as the main course. The dessert was cocoa with heavy cream.

She took out a banana for herself, told the baby mommy eats first.

Ah, great, I thought, now I got to witness a mom breastfeeding her baby when I am having breakfast. Should finish fast.

But no,

She takes out two packs of ready made baby food, one was something with pears, another was whatever it was.

Maybe it was some fully organic food that had no msg, no soy, no nothing in it and just crushed pears...

Then why not do it yourself, woman?

Breasts are there for one reason, and that reason is not so they look good in push up bras without the piercings being too visible.

Baby's need breasts, that is food.

You, go do not give the baby human milk, but give stuff like baby food full with preservatives, with sweeteners, with soy.

You do not take birth control because one pill a day disturbs your system,
You give your little baby boy soy based vegan food, for which a single bottle equals twenty birth control pills.

Ok, so your breasts do not produce milk.  Am sorry to hear this.

How difficult is it to go to the market, buy some and boil some organic pears and smash them when the baby is asleep?
How hard is it to cook white rice for two hours, then smash it with some fresh berries; you know, superfood?
How hard is it to put porridge into water overnight, then in the morning cook it for two hours, add some suitable nutrients and give the baby au-natural nutrition bomb?
How hard is it to make an apple, banana, kivi smoothie without ice?
How hard is it to be a "mom"? Ooops... Did I just say that?

No, you have to go and buy some food in 50 ml bottles that have God knows what in it.

Yea the baby likes it. The baby likes anything that is put into his mouth. He is growing and he is hungry. Mom gives wood, he will try to chew wood. Does not make it a good idea.

Give him soy based healthy vegan food, and then wonder why the kid does not become a proper man.
Give her soy based healthy vegan food and then wonder why the girl grows breasts at 6.

Should have done it your grandmother's way, not fed the kid some for profit corporate whore of a food engineering scientist's recipe.

Nature has provided you with breasts, if they don't function, it has provided you with brains so you can provide some proper food...

Apparently that also does not function with the modern mother.

Grrrrrrrrlllll Pwwwwrrrrrr!

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  1. Finn, I am trying to collect my thoughts to make a coherent response to this post but it is difficult. I will check in later when I have tempered my emotions enough to write clearly.

    Thanks, though, for noticing the rampant selfishness of some mothers who place babies as an afterthought to their own nutrition/needs/pleasures.