Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taking dogs with rabies into the rabbit den

The state has criminalized every non-pc thought, bit it cannot stop the natural reaction of what the eye sees.

After noticing the negativity that comes from being any place besides house and work, and noticing that the vibrant enriching population makes about half the people out and about, 24/7, protected by and fed by the state, harassing the people who pay for the taxes that are drained down the hole of vibrant feed, and still complaining about racism because some rabbit did not lower their eyes upon the initial challenge put forward by the enricher, I decided there is only one way to sanity:

Ignore. Pretend that the space currently occupied bu the vibrant does not exist in the time space continuum.

Ignore what I see and ignore what I know. Do not speak about enrichers, do not look at them, do not remember you saw them, pretend that they don't exist.

It is sanity, it is self preservation, and what is the point in being aggressive towards rabid dogs when they always are in a pack, state sponsored and state protected?

I know that pockets of sanity will emerge, as when poked, people reluctantly speak up. Slowly.

So how is my pretending void mission going?

I managed less than 24 hours.

You ignore a rabid dog, but rabid dog does not ignore you.

I actually managed to ignore 15 or so enrichers hanging out in front of my favorite venue, hoodies as the chosen headwear.

But one of their older brothers decided some peace was too much to ask.

The next night, am in the same venue, am leaving with two blondes, and we go to one of the girls' building entrance, totally innocent, doing some fact checking about an insider joke. Going there I notice two enrichers, one 1.60 dude with designer hair of the vibrating kind and the other, not his countryman, 40ish, fat, with a pussy beard as the Finns call it, not a goatee, but the round beard around the mouth.

So I am standing there with the girls looking at the names on the doorbell, when the fat Fuck comes up from behind me,

"Haaa, where you go?" I check, the enricher has left,
"Haaa, you go party?"
"No" turn back to the girls, keeping him in my peripheral vision, am downtown, but you never know how far these guys vibrate.
"Haaa, you go dance?"
... at this point I have to say aggression would be a bad idea as you never know what stray dog lies in the shadows...
"Haaa, have fun" he waves his hands in a frustrated way but stays close by, for a few seconds when as luck has it one of the shadiest enrichers who ethnically might not be on good terms with fat fuck is walking by, recognizes me, says "Hey man, long time"; fat fuck disappears.

This is not much of an event, but could have escalated fast and would have been bad for me in the long run. The lack of disrespect, shame, or civility, dignity, the facelessness in that approach was appalling, and I can guarantee that it is a bad idea for any western man to try this without having his back backed by a band of brothers.

The blondes joking amongst themselves, I had a silent moment, thinking that this kind of hand picked selection of do no gooders, lay abouts, unemployables, and any other similar adjective cannot be explained by any love for western values, western people, western children.

Making life difficult for foreigners with jobs back home to get European tourist visas, but then contemplating the elimination of background checks for vibrants and enrichers... there is no explanation if one restricts himself to the ideal that state exists at least to some extent to benefit its citizens.

Western man, expect more beatings,
Western woman, expect more rapes,

By its actions, the establishment approves.

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