Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Simple Cures: Flush the flu

Some of my friends have ridiculed me for Paleo, and continued ridiculing me when they spent four weeks sick every winter, on all kinds of medicines, while I have spent four days in the last two years.

As you see, I have been hit four times with the flu.

Not as medical advice, but as personal experience, let me tell you how to get rid of the flu once you see the symptoms approaching.

In the morning, take 15.000 IUs of Vitamind D. Take another 15.000 during the day. Eat some fat so that the Vit D will be absorbed by the intestines.

Best way is to have a 12-16 hour sleep. If the flu is moving fast, you will sweat like a pig. Sleep through. As long as you can, but hydrate a lot.

For me this has been the solution, as every single time I ignore the signals of the flu, go to the gym, train, and go out at night. Takes a few days that the symptoms are getting to the point I know that if I do not stop, I will suffer.

Pop the Vit D, rest, sleep, sweat, drink.

Wake up a new man.

No flu, no medicines taken, no antibiotics.

And do not wonder about the 30.000 IUs you ingested, it amounts to an hour under the sun, and the Vit D council states that a dangerous overdosing zone may be  reached by indesting 100.000 IUs everyday over a course of months.

If you are already staying home, then prepare what I call the fire tea.

I got it from a herbalist who said that it is actually given to women who just gave birth, to give them strength and help them recover, but that it is the perfect winter tea.

Anther public service from Finndistan:

The Finndistan Fire Tea, almost revives the dead:

In a pot, boil these ingredients for half hour to one hour:

Black Pepper

It will be a very spicy, very strong tea of bright red color. It will feel like you are on fire.

If you want, you can add some Sage or Camomile if you will drink it before sleep, as the fire could disturb the sleep, but would advise against these additions if you intend the to drink the tea and stay awake.

You can add honey, to make it more drinkable, and also soothe an irritated throat.

After the first boil, you can boil it few more times, you can stop when either the taste or the color tells you that the herbs have been boiled to the last beneficial drop.

Now, talking about a cough.

If you notice your cough moving down to your chest, like it did with my dust allergy, (first clean the house...), there is this African plant extract, it will move the cough first to your throat, which will actually feel worse for a day, and then out of your body. Works so fast, it is scary.

It is called the miracle plant, and I know mothers of small kids who swear by this stuff, and so do I.

You can find the extract in the pharmacies and it goes by the name of Umcka. 

This knowledge has helped me bypass a number of flu seasons with few days lost. And I lost those days mainly due to my carelessness, had I been careful, I could have saved those days.
Yet, like some of my friends say, "Paleo is bulshit cough cough cough cough cough"


  1. Raw garlic also works wonders, especially if you can afford to stay inside to take care of the garlic breath.

    Peel a clove (or several) of garlic, crush it slightly, and swallow whole or in as large pieces as you can handle. Half placebo, half certifiable effect, just like all the best tricks.

  2. Raw garlic, forgot that. That is another magic plant. If you manage, eat few garlic cloves during the week, and run the marathon while your colleagues are down with the beaver flu, or whatever is in season.

    Placebo or not, these things work, and their side effects do not include autism or brain damage or any other yet unknown future effects.

    Ok, you may need to find a girl who is into garlic, but hey, since vampires don't exist, how difficult can that be?