Tuesday, April 08, 2003

The big ship..

Friday night.. in a cafe, discussing with Topo if we should go to the 20 hour cruise on the next night.. Make some calls, and decide to go.. Topo is supposed to buy the tickets in the morning, and then we drive to Hel., and meet up another guy, then to the ship…

Saturday morning, I wake up, lady by my side, 11.45 (no joke, that is the exact time).. Look at my phone, no call from Topo.. the bastard must’ve slept through.. So I give him a ring..

“Morning, what you slept through?”

“Noo, I have reserved the places!”

“No kidding, when does the ship leave??”


“S**t.. When will we leave?”


“Man, its almost noon, couldn’t you give me a call before???”


“F**k, now I have to be fast”

So, in that morning, until 13, I fool around once more in bed, take a shower, pack my stuff, have breakfast, and drop the lady to the bus stop..

We leave for Helsinki, at the right time..

Arrive there, something like 14.30… Have to pick up the other guy’s passport, so drive to Espoo… On the way there, I ask:

“Wasn’t somewhere here the guys pizza place, who was making these calzones?”


“Let’s eat before we go”

“I’ll call him then, and tell him to put the pizzas in the oven”

“Right”15.. Arrive at the pizzaplace, eat some good stuff, and leave the pizzaplace…

Shit, its 15.42, we are stuck on Mannerheimtie…

15.50 just turned in Esplanadi…

15.57 In front of Viking line, jump out of the car, slide on the snow, bump into the street sign, make it to the door, the counter of Cinderella is closed, jump into Mariella’s counter, and hear the woman shout


Say mambo jambo, show the ticket, and the old b***h goes EI EI

Run to the info

“Hi, we came to Cinderella”

“Can’t do.. the ship is leaving”


“It’s leaving”

“Can’t we do something?”



So, we go out of the building, one of the guys lights a cigarette, we go down the stairs, and turn around to wonder how on earth could we have missed that huge ship…

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  1. Muahahaha... =b
    Exactly the same happened to me and my dear friend on our way to Stockholm. Only that we were at the harbor in time. Decided to have ciders while waiting. Just ones, but the time flies, you know. Eh...

    Next time -with the same friend- went straight to the boat. First to tax-free. Both bought Campari bottles to home. Went to the cabin to get ready etc. Girls chat, pla pla pla, pla pla pla, pla pla pla.
    Woke up to the weird feeling of something not beeing right.
    All became clear after seeing the empty "souvenirs"...

    We´ve come to the conclusion that there has to be some deeper meaning in it. Too superstitious to try the third time. =)