Tuesday, April 15, 2003


So, story has four parts:


Am there with Aytac, there on the corner is this tall beautiful (young) girl, looing at me..
Get my guts together,


Bla bla bla…

So after some time, she turns to the guy on her back and asks for a cigarette…

He gives it to her, and says a couple of things..

So, the lady speaks out:

“Sorry, but I have to be with my boyfriend”

“I know its just a trick, but go on…”

Later, when I am about to leave, I see the poor boyfriend alone…


I think I was walking from some bar to another through keskustori.. Late night, and a littlle on alcohol..

There are sitting some girls on the bench, one of them goes


I look at her, don’t recognize her (I got bad eyes also), and continue…


Standing by a table, beer in my hand, this lady is on the dancefloor…
I see her, she sees me.. I make no move.. She was disrespectful last time…

She comes over,

“Would you like to dance?”

We dance, chat…

In the end of the evening, I make my first move,

“Gimme your phone, I’ll call you”

“No, I can’t, don’t want to have a boyfriend”

(Do I want a girlfriend???) (Now the single ladies, you did not read that, OK :) ) (at least I am honest)


This lady sitting among some 5-6 Italian macaronis…

I am

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