Tuesday, April 15, 2003


Watched Levottomat, the famous finnish movie about some restless people..

Without subtitles…

Got really affected…

Especially the scene, where the guy walks among buildings after a one night stand, in the morning, he’s the only one… Maybe I found some times of myself there.. Maybe…

So, when I met some Finnish people, especially girls, somehow the subject popped up,
And I said,

“I watched Levottomat”

“We are not all like this”

Fine, who says so… I did not.. But after what I have seen…. Could not disagree with the movie…
And then, aren’t the finnish people showing “Midnight Express” every may, and believing in that movie? At least Levottomat has some nice things to show in the movie.. some sense, and then has more truth abouth the country than, Midnight Expresss has about Turkey..

But no….

“You Turks drink?”

“What, your mother’s hair is open??”

“You are not married?”

“We are not all Levottomat”….

Ja ja ja…

It is a good movie, and should be respected..

And fun to watch too…

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