Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Crazy Ivan


A saturday night in Doris..

I’ve met a friend I hadn’t seen for long time, and she had a nice lady with her...

Got introduced.

When my friend and the new girl went to dance, I joined them..

Ohhh sexxy sexxy dances they do.. Eventually the new girl turns to me, and it is a dance which says the end of the night is not near..

Suddenly Leena*, my friend turns to the new one, says something in a harsh tone, and they both leave, the new one making an “I’ll be back in a minute” sign..

I dance.. 1 minute, 5 minutes.. No, the girl does not come back..

See her talking to a guy, the night is mine now...

She still looks at me, but I do not interfere with another guys business...

Because it has happened many times, that people have said their negative opinions about me to the girls I was talking to, I decided to send a message to Leena at 4 in the morning:

“I wonder what you told her...that she got lost”

“What do you mean? I did not tell her anything.. Do not want to hear this shit.. I told her you are a nice guy...” That was three messages sent after eachother

“Sorry then, must have been a misunderstanding, see, .bla bla”

“I am not interested in peoples f**klives.. Here’s her e mail.. I gave her your number.. “ That’s two messages...

So I get a message from the new one:

“I see why Leena is angry, your bald ****** friend grapped her ass last night”


· Now should I be pissed that I had an argument with Leena because some guy I know grapped her butts?
· That I missed a chance with a girl because of a butt issue?
· Should I be happy for him?· Praise his courage? Stupidity?· Angry at him, ‘cause of putting himself to risk? A little slap from Leena would break his neck, he’s half size..
· Be angry at my own paranoia?

p.s.: In the end it turned out that my bald friend was innocent after all.. Was blamed for the job a fin had done.... poor foreigners.. always are the first to blame (see Bommarit Victim)

p.s. 2: I learned that the guy talking to the new one was reciting poems.. Decided to learn some.. Like.. take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green and the girls a pretty....

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