Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Money Back Guarantee

Exited school..

Bad day, the bycicle repairman told me my bike is dead.. S**t…

So, called a friend, asking her to find out the bike auction times at the police…

I hear some footsteps behind me.. continue walking.. and talking on the phone..

Suddenly a young man popps up beside me, and

“asdrdfkj d.jrdögoed dfgjygu dndgeorgi d flöeiytorö djvöbd”

“Anteeksi en puhuu suomea”, then to the phone “One sec, there’s somebody saying something” but the lady does not hear, continues talking

“seferf egd bd rtgr g der te rt rg fgdf4e5ted”

“En puhuu suomea, puhutko Englanti?” to the phone, “One sec please” Phone: “bla blablabla..”

“Did you drop 20 euros?”

“Ha?” to the phone: “HOLD!” Silence

“did you drop 20 euros?”

Check my back pocket, there 10 instead of 30… Holy S**t!

“Yes thanks a lot, thanx!!!!!”

Me to the phone:

“Ohhaaaaaaa ohaaaaa ohhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa”

Sometimes I get to love thee!

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