Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I am not like the others

After talking to this 19 year old 1.90 Russian lady dating that 1.60 older guy, I decided, I will sit on that chair and enjoy the music..

The bar is empty anyway…

So I sit on the chair, my back to the wall..

Suddenly there is a tap on my shoulder.. And I know there are no girls sitting behind me..

A guy.. with a red nose

“You are alone?”

“Yeah”, and turn around..

A tap

“You are married?”

“No”, turn around

“You are not married..”


“You have many girlfriends”


“You lie”

“Whatever” turn around

A tap

“Why you sit here alone?”

“Because I want to”

“So how many girls you have?”


“You lie”

“Whatever”, turn around

A tap..

“So why you sit alone”

“Because I want sit alone, fine?? I hope you got that”

“Hey, I have been in Paris, for two years.. I am not like usual Finnish guys”

“OK, Fine.. Have fun”

With the look on my face, I got no more taps…

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