Monday, April 07, 2003

Wrong doggie

After checking some stories, I decided it is time to introduce some of my ”good end” stories... Seems like half the stories I have here, end up with me in bed alone, now that is bad for my image, ain’t it? :P

Met this girl in the summer time, on the terrace of Cafe europe, two and a half years ago... – three summers ago. Was the cousin of a friend of a very good friend of mine.. Only thing we spoke was “Hi”

Two summers ago, we met again in Cafe Europe, extreme fun conversation, dancing like in a competition trying to seduce eachother.. Continues for one or two meetings, then we end up on the way to her home. Damn I miss her..

On the way, she tell me
“I hope you are not afraid of dogs..”
“Dogs? Why shall I be?”
“’Cause I have one, a dogo”
“A dackel? Now, what is there to be afraid of a dackel?”

In Mersin, a friend of mine had a ratty dog, that creature was in love with my leg... Another friend had a psycho doberman, once his head appeared through the door when the owner was taking a dump.. The dog had missed him, so thought he’ll break the door.. some readers may remember this, the dogos name was Guard...
Another good friend, used to share with him an apartment, had this medium dog, that one used to jump on me when it saw me.. Many times had her nails in my legs, stomach...
So what shall I feel when I am told that I should not be afraid of a dackel? Dackel is teddy bear.. Not even that scary.. I mean a teddy bear is still a bear..

This is a dackel:

Here we continue:
“Yeah its a big dog though”
“A big dackel? C’mon, you are kidding me”
“no, no, it weighs over 40 kg, close to 50”




>“It weighs more than 40 kg, close to 50”<



>” It weighs more than 40 kg, close to 50”<

Olalala... A dackel weighing 40 kg... that is a fat bitch...
“Damn, that is a heavy dog.. what do you do, feed her with olive oil?”
“No, its a dog bread for hunting pumas and boars, and is not fatty..”
Here I stop.. watch the road.. Still am thinking of a dackel.. Cannot put a correlation between dackel, puma, boar, hunting, activity and 40 kg...
Even Guard would not have weighed more than 35, and he was a monster...
We are in front of her house, and as she takes out the keys, I hear heavy breathing.. and

DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM footsteps approaching...

Finnish Yeti??

She opens the door, and there is the dog, putting her head low, so she can smell around my crotch... A dackel, my ass.. This is a Valkoinen Hirviy in wrong spelling, White Monster...

It was a dogo... argentina dogo.. special breed.. fight until kill, or dead... No retreat.. No fat.. Muscle.. 50 kg.. Tongue hanging out.. When the tail hits the wall, the wall goes


This is a dogo:

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