Friday, April 04, 2003

I am patient

It happened couple of times…

The lady comes to my place after a bar, for a coffee, or for a dinner.. Or, I am at hers…

It was the first time we come together in a private place with a bed..

Lying in that bed late at night, fooling around,
“Finndistan, I will not have sex with you tonight. Will you be angry?”
Hey, I have been trained in various form of dealing with having no sex, not the first night, not the first week, not the first month, not the first year not the…..
“No, why shall I?”
“Just was curious”
And in all these instances, I never met the woman again…
.. I wanted, but she did not..What shall I say?
“Yes I’ll be angry you bitch, I spent all night here, trying to lay you… And you just want to sleep.. Bugger off!”
No, I am not that degraded to beg a woman for sex…
I will not do it..
But then, it seems that in this country, first night sex is a widespread experience, that when a man has to jerk off on the first night, he gets angry at the woman..
They are not used to having no sex in the first night as it seems. (*I draw your attention to the easy sex issue here)…
So, by saying that I actually do not mind, do I make the girl feel unwanted?
If I say I would be angry, what is that?
Shit…No, please no girl ever ask me that, just come and sleep..
And never ask me if sex is easy..
As it seems it is very easy for guys who do not know the value of this easiness..
And one thing: It does not hurt a man not to have sex.. As long as his dick is hanging free. The problem arises if petting with jeans on.. The pressure exerted on the dick is too large then, and the ball ache is unbearable.

So if a guys says, standing naked, "if I do not sleep with you my balls will hurt", he’s lying..

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