Tuesday, April 15, 2003


Was just searching the net for shoe pictures (no perversion, need it for my thesis..)


Doris (again??)

Am sitting in a corner, feet up on the stool in front, hand resting on a Velko bottle, hands tapping to the music..

A blonde walks by to the toilet.. Nice girl… Hmmm..

An hour or so later, I go to the dance floor, dance… Actually jump : )

I see her at the bar leaning against it, looking around.. at me? 1 second? Olalla…
Make my way through the floor, pushing and kicking..

Reach the girl, lean low to open the conversation, and step on her foot ful force…
“Oh sorry”

“You stepped on my foot”

“Yeah I know, not the best way to say hi…: )”

“Are my feet so big?”

“Well I know mine are big, but yours are still impossible to miss”

“You tell me I have big feet?”

“What are they, 37?”


“See, they’re not small”

“You call me big footed?”

“Lady hugefoot”


“I saw you dancing with some girls” And a look in the face…

“Friends” (truth…)

“uh uh”

“hu hu”

Interesting enough, she does not ask where I am from, but after another remark about the girls I was dancing with,

“I am going to the toilet, will be back in 5 minutes”

“I’ll be here.. “

So the girl goes, and I stand by the dancefloor as usual…

I see her coming from the toilet with her friend, go up the stairs, and just as they’re turning the corner, her friend gets pulled by three guys, finns of course… The girl too… So they keep talking until the night ends..

Getting shot down is no prob.. Happens all the time, to me, or to the girls…

But me dancing with three girls is worse than the finns trying to hit on about 10 girls in the same bar, on the same dancefloor.. (I am a regular, and I know who is doing what….)

That is b*lls**t.. my clever friends.. b**ls**t..

This is a free country my ass..

Have to add,

After all these incidents, I’ve gone immune, insensitive, and still able to give a smile while writing this : ) !!!
: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

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