Sunday, May 16, 2010

For once I felt sympathy

Not too often I feel sympathy for the behavior of women I see around me.

There is always an exception.

I was in a bar where women of all ages were having their fun.

I noticed that in a bar environment, which basically focuses on alcohol and sex – directly or indirectly- the older women were invisible. Even in a venue servicing mainly older people...

Allright, the older guys were also pretty much invisible, but men are used to being invisible. No one asks them out on a date, no one invites men to dinner, etc.. Except for some small number of studs getting showered with attention like standing under the Niagara Falls. Exceptions prove the rule. So for these guys it was like this Polish song: “Only the wine bottle understands me, is my friend”

But for women, for them it was not like this. The difference in attention between their 20s, even 30s to their 40s must be devastating.

Just ten years ago it was “Can I please please please have the honor of buying you a drink?”; today it is “...”

I had sympathy.

Not for long, but I still had it.

A few seconds later, watching some younger woman's behavior killed that sympathy.

Karma is a bitch.

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