Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is that so?

After great dinner in a friend's place we went to meet some of his female friends, in a latin dance club, and one of his friends was a good looking blonde, close to thirty.

I, just had returned from a long trip and was not feeling to cheerful about my surroundings, my head was totally somewhere else.

Vodka, tequila, soda, vodka, while my friends were dancing.

We decide to leave the place and I turn around to get my coat, when I turn back, the blondie bumps into me, I look at her, she looks at me, says:

"Sorry :) "

At that instant, I returned to earth, but in a playful manner, like a kid, so not exactly a flirtingly playful mood,


"I'm sorry"

"You should learn to watch where you going", I tease her

"Oh, I said I am sorry :)"

To which I reply in a dead serious expression:

"I'll make you say sorry all night long", and I realized what I just said, to which she replied,

"Is that so" in a flirty way

I could only smile, it was a hearty smile as I was trying to keep myself from bursting outloud, all over her. I was shaking, I was getting tears to my eyes.

I knew she was engaged or married, and she had already told the group, she was not joining us; going home; so that did not change, as it should not change,

But that was one of the warmest and funniest "Goodbyes" I ever received.

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