Thursday, May 13, 2010

Overcompensating or not?

Was walking in downtown after having an excellent coconut curry chicken in some cheap chinese hole for 12 euros (talk about high living standards costs , when I neared this newly opened bar, called "1".

There was this Hummer parked in front of it, some cute chicks, fully dressed to the teeth, made up to compete with runway models exited the car.

The driver was this bald guy, definitively a powerlifter, effing huge dude.

I was passing the big car with the big guy inside it when I noticed movement on the window.

And there it was, the tiniy tiny rat breed of a dog, an insult to the vicious friends of humans, looking at me with its effing stupid eyes.

I wondered if the car or the dog was the message.

Talk about contradiction when you see a powerlifter in a Hummer, driving around his majesty :


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