Wednesday, May 05, 2010

One May 1st : The third best compliment a guy can get

I was thinking of keeping this one short, only writing about the compliment. But Marylin just passed by when I was writing the previous story. The story deserves to be known.

That friday. Drunk. I have downed about 15 shots vodka and gin.

One the way to the loo I see Bridget, the cute female athlete who I learn later is 18. I had her number in my phone almost a year ago but the follow up did not happen. So I chatted her up, she said

"Marylin is over there"

"So?" And continued to the pissing wall.

I see these two later again, and start talking with them. A third one comes in, Heidi. Another 18-20 year old cutiepie, though bit on the anorexic side, she had her charm, and definitely did modelling.

Standing there with her arms crossed over her chest, looking restless, she was ripe for mocking.

And mocking is what she got. And enjoy it she did. Heidi enjoying the mocking, Bridget hating the situation, and Marylin amused but interested.

Me, aloof and uncaring, except getting my next vodka.

Bit more toying with Heidi, bit more toying mith Marylin, and Bridget, still looking pissed.

Then comes the bomb, from Marylin.

"You know Scarlett X."

I need thirty seconds to go through my head, "Yea, and?"

"She is my sister". Interlude: I met Scarlett few months ago, and hosted he in my place a few more nights after that.

"Cool. and?"

"She is a catch" true, the sister is a good woman.

"True, but, I am not one. Hey, see here is the message you sis sent me just ten minutes ago"

some bla bla

"Bridget is 18, and Heidi is my cousin..."

"Good, one big family."

Some lost memory here, she was saying something about me not getting her, and me saying I dont do sisters... Though Marylin is definitely one of the best looking girls in town, so apparently, I'd do her like a truck. Situation looks bleak.

I remember this exchange:

"You are a good looking woman"

"Yea, I know I am gorgeous"

"Yea, I see that, and you are also spoiled."

"No I am arrogant"

"Err... Spoiled is what you are. Arrogant is slightly different."

Few more words spoken, and she starts stomping her feet on the ground like a little kid who just got the candy denied from, says

"You are so fucking arrogant"

"Yes I am"

I got to hear the third best compliment for a man: "You are arrogant". Good.

Situation secured. I'll see her again, and then chances are high, especially if I have another lady in my arms.

Before that, I'll see the sister.

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