Wednesday, May 05, 2010

One May 1st: Ladies, you made your bed

Friday. The first of may. Like mentioned, am way over the acceptable drunk limit. Besides the other stories, I had a five minutes introduction to one of the douchebags in town, who I had actually met before, who happened to be a friend of my good friend.

Years ago when we met in a bar, he asked where I was from, I asked where he was from, to which he answered: "I am half finnish half asshole", and I had told him to use that f'ing line on the chicks, not on bloody me.

And then, as expected, a guy playing the asshole game, and seen as a douche by other men, is bound to get laid more often that the Regular Joe.

But truth, to the unseeing eyes does not come out too often.

The fourth guy in the picture is an uncurable NiceGuy, and I hope he knows this story as it happened in his house, and effing learns from it.

Well, our Halfassfinnishhole shags a girl in the end of the night. I think I remember the girl. Some young cute blondie with a few extra pounds on her, but cute, nevetherless.

In the morning, our Halfassfinnishhole got to hear "I fucked you only because you were such an asshole"

Good girl. Continue fucking the assholes, anyway in five years you will demand the princess treatment, and some sucker will pick the tabs the fuckers left on your nightstand.

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