Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here we go again

My buddy introduced me to this chick he banged months ago. Think she has a boyfriend now. The woman does not shut up, thinks she is God's gift to earth (her tits were), but thick as a brick in the head, and thick as a log otherwise.

This info is necessary to show I had no good vibe towards this motormouthed forestlog.

Then I was introduced to her friends and the friend's boyfriend. Woman same as above. Repelling attitude. I liked the boyfriend though. Decent man.

Later that night, I am standing somewhere in the bar, enjoying the monkeys dancing. The second girl, who was sitting on some couch behind me with the motormouthed forestlog stood up to come to me and asked me if I could sit down.

"Could you sit down?"

"I like standing, and then there is no place on that couch anyway", keeping courteous just due to my buddy,

"Come sit down, we go dance"

"So I am to sit down, so you ladies can go to dance?" Boyfriend(s?) not in sight, my buddy not in sight...

"Yes, we want to dance"



"No. Take your bags with you. I like to stand"

"You are not a good person"

"Maybe am, maybe not", and turned my attention back to the environment.

While I was enjoying the thoughts about the event that happened five minutes ago, I see my buddy talking to the girls, the girl fully animated, telling him something.

He comes to me, smiling, and I say,

"They told you that your friend is an asshole, eh"

"Exactly in those words, mate"


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