Saturday, May 22, 2010

Strong, independent, and annoying

You strong women, running around independent.

You know, in your obsession with strength and independence, you can be irritating fun spoilers.

Curly hair, blonde and almost my height, my friends think she's big, I think, "right size".

One night where I was drinking whiskey like there's no tomorrow, I spot her in the bar, The curly hair shining like the sun in the cold winter days, on the -15 days. Cannot miss it. Especially since I am the only one who can handle that one. Demanding on intelligence and assholery, that one is.

Drunk, I need to recycle my liquids, she's on the way,

"Yooo.. Whazzup blondie" and proceed to the loo.

Come back from the loo, and grab her from the waist, to which she smiles inquisitively,

"You'll now drink with me"

And we go to the bar. I order my whiskey, and order her a whiskey. Need to change the order as she does not drink whiskey. When I turn to face her, anticipating my smokey drink to arrive, I see her pull out a 200 euro piece.

"Hey, what the f"#¤ is that?"

"I'll pay my drink"

"If I wanted you to pay your drink, I'd have said, buy me a drink"

l pay my drink"

"I dont pay women for their time, I invited you to a drink. Means this one is on me. Do not insult me by thinking I'll expect sex cause I got you a frigging drink. Now. You'll put that money away."

We got our drinks, I enjoyed my whiskey.

An hour or so later, I get a bourbon handed to me by this girl, who came from behind, out of nowhere, and left after handing me the Jack.

Strong, independent and fucking annoying.

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