Sunday, May 16, 2010

Respect Nokia, you dipsh.ts

Edit: This was written last november.

I was sitting in the cafe with my brother, who lives in another country.

One of the rare occasions when we can meet, talk, bond and be brothers again.

Chatting about this about that, fighting in between about different worldviews, this dude comes to the table beside us.

Looking like the typical pot smoking hippy, rasta hair, striped wool jacket which very likley had a Bob Marley t-shirt underneath and khaki pants.

Before I continue, what is the bloody obsession of these people with Bob? As if he is a God or something, As if smoking pot is the pinnacle of life?

Hey dipshits, Jamaica is not Finland.

In Jamaica if I take a dump in the forest, next year I can eat mangos from the tree that was born of my excrement.

In Finland, if I take a dump in the forest, next year it will be defrosting, if I am lucky.

So Bob can afford to enjoy the sun 23 hours a day, spending one hour dumping and collecting the fruits of his hard labor.

Back to the story,

So this guy starts talking to us, I tell him nicely,

"Yo, my brother is here. I do not see him too often, and I do want to talk only to him"

The guy goes apeshit.

"Vitun Nokialaiset insinöörit" yadayadayada..

(Fucking Nokia engineers)

Hey dipshit (referring from above), if the engineers of Nokia, and also Metso were not doing what they were doing, and doing it well, how would the state be supporting your sorry ass?

These fucking engineers, as you call them, are the ones who create the most value in this harsh environment, and the taxing system fucks them out of their livelyhood, so that ungrateful shits like you can walk around in their hippy living on welfare lifestyle and curse the hand which feeds your mouth.

The same goes for the women who think that the Nokia engineers are a lower level of lifeform, until their baby rabies kicks in, that is.

One week strike of the major value producers and servicemen is needed to bitch slap some of the entitled fucks to their place. If they are still alive, not having drowned or frozen under a pile of garbage in a winter with no electricity..

Btw, I am no Nokia engineer.

Edit in may: More to come about the hippies, lefties and so on.

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