Thursday, May 13, 2010

One night in the ugly - Few shorties


The loss that hurt

This young cute girl comes to the dancefloor, happy and cheerful with two full glasses. Gives one to her friend, all cheerful and happy, and takes a sip from her own, when someone bumps into her.

Plofff goes the glass on the floor.

If you've ever seen a small baby whose balloon just exploded, you know what I am talking about.

She stood there eyes open, tears forming in her eyes, hands open, gesturing to her friend in a "why? why? why?" manner.
She stood there for full five minutes. Watery eyes and all.

That must have been some important drink..


The wrong thing to do when you see a girl you think is good looking,

Is to tap your friend on the shoulder and point to the blondie,

Is to tap my arm when the tall brunette looking like young Liv Tyler apporaches, then tap my shoulder, then tap my elbow, and then squeeze my elbow upon me not reacting, when all her four friends are sitting a meter behind me.

Talk about making intentions known.


Previously I blogged about the best rejection, but this one could compete,

This foreigner was hitting on some chick, who was not interested, but he did not get the message.

The chick pulls a local that she knows beforehand to herself, and says in english,
"Let's go home", the local's face lights up with a smile.

Funny thing is the foreigner turned to me with a confused face, I smiled, knowing that the local just hit the jackpot, as the girl was hitting on another local just five minutes ago, but got rejected herself.

Another "right place right time" lay.

Girl gets rejected, gets pissed, some dude hits on her making her more pissed, she goes gets laid with a passerby, to ease the pain, and to get rid of the dude.

Winner in the picture?



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