Wednesday, May 05, 2010

One May 1st: Ooops she did it again

I love it. I love it when I see through the bullshit early enough.

I love it when karma protects me from stupid bitches.

It is the second day of my 1st of May celebrations. After supporting a heavy hangover of that night before, am again enjoying a light buzz from that vodka, Ruissan Standard, and some beers.

As the night progresses, my friend starts talking with these three girls. One of them is a girl, who, many years ago, when she was still young, after having a long chat in the bar, gave me her number, begged me to call her, and answered my text with "You are seeing many women. Bla bla bla". At that time I felt the sting of anger, but then, as always, good riddance to rubbish. No reply was necessary. If that is a game, I aint playing it anyway.

After that event whenever I saw her she had that look in her face. I think nowadays it's called the permascowl.

Well, to add to that permascowl, in a span of two-three months she had more sexual escapades than I had in that time. I remember this as I used to go to the same bar two times a week in this small town.

Five years after she dissed me for seeing many women, and consequently getting laid left and right by men who are seeing many women, she ends up as another notch for a totally wasted guy, who is seeing many other women.

I guess old habits don't break easily.

She still had the permascowl when she saw me, I still sang the song "Karma Police" when I saw her.

Karma police. To protect and to serve. Me.

I love it when karma protects me from stupid bitches.

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