Saturday, February 05, 2011

A tale of two faces

Going on a two week holiday in deep winter has its consequences. My car is buried under snow, and since I am a lazy fart, I take public transportation.

Besides having to endure morning drunks, or some other human beings making me wonder how we made it this far, sometimes there are memorable journeys.

I sat somewhere in the back, as my favorite place in the front with the two seats facing eachother, giving me ample leg space was taken.

At some stop five girls entered the bus.

Two of them caught my attention.

Both blond, both 160 tall, both well dressed, albeit differently, both good looking, both 20-21.

One was dressed in what I call the r'n'b style, the other bit more conservative, but still tight clothing.

Looking at the one dressed in the r'n'b style, I thought to myself "I'd do her", but noticed myself having the thoughts of sleeping with a prostitute without paying it.

Then I turned my attention towards the other girl. My loins fired up, I could not think straight. I noticed my heart beat speed up, my breathing get irregular. (ok, am exaggerating, but only a bit). I could not take my eyes off her, I was mesmerized.

This caught my interest.

These tow girls were of the same physical caliber, but without thinking about it, one was a pump'n'dump, the other was an explosion of my pipeline.

I forced my attention towards the r'n'b girl's face. And yes, there it was. The hardened party face. The bitterness and the jadedness that comes from the promises of Sex and the City not being true. I was looking at a 20 year old jaded and bitter sexually empowered party girl fuck toy.

Having figured that out, not in my brain, but in my gut and loin, I turned toward the other girl.

Instant hormone flush again. I am getting to like this, I think to myself.

I observe, yeah, I know, it is rude, it is creepy, ya ya ya, the blondie smiles, my heart skips few beats,

What I see is innocence, what I see is unjadedness, unbitterness and all that.

By now we are in my stop, and I get up. She gets up too.

And then I see it,

And engagement ring.

And then it hits me; this was the face of a girl who chose to be one who would get engaged at an early age, get married at an early age. The look of a girl following her feminine instinct.

There I stepped out into the snow,

Thinking about the tale of the two faces, the different stories on these faces, the different stories of these faces, one face making me thing of a ride on the cycle, one face making me go berserk,

And I looked at the white snow, wondering, smiling at myself,

Did the face make the story or did the story make the face.

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