Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things you don't know (2)

Part 1 is here


You were so macho, so protective when I went to talk to her. I understand you. I would do the same thing if I also did not have the information that you did not have. That girl that you were protecting me from, who was your territory, you ever wondered later that night why she is so sore? I, the bringer of news, tell you it was not because of you. Rewind to around 1 am previous night. Oh hello, back to the past? Welcome to my humble home. Yes it is her. Yes, I opened the door naked. So, with this info, what would you do? I may have retreated, or moved on to greener pastures, but the lands you conquered, -maybe re-conquered-, have been burned by my retreating soldiers. Don't worry, grass will grow there again.


You are holding hands with her. You are having your honeymoon time. I know this because two weeks ago I was given the ultimatum that your woman wants more from me. It did not make sense then, but now I know why she pushed it. Well, I had to let her go, and I see she has gotten hold of you. I wonder if you would be so happy with knowing that she is only with you because I did not agree to commit. And I wonder how many times was I in the place you are now, not knowing that while I was holding hands, I was indeed Plan B. Or C. Or D. ...Z?


Your girlfriend just came home. You woke up, got out of bed, went downstairs, opened the door of your white picket fenced house to give her a welcome kiss from her girl's night out. Funny taste? Yea, she just blew the cab driver. No, I am not the cab driver.

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  1. ah. this takes me back. seeing *insert girl's name* with some guy b/c you wouldn't commit. it's predictability proves depressing and humorous at the same time.