Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smelly media: Let's remove Crist from Christmas

Old news:

Many Finnish Schools Gear Up for Multicultural Christmas

Christmas carols resounded in Helsinki's Cathedral as pupils of the Katajanokka primary school practiced their church performance on Tuesday. However, a third of the students stayed back at the school. Many of them belong to other faiths. In the effort to include as many students as possible in the school-wide celebration scheduled for next week, the school chose to lessen the religious focus of the holiday.
Let's look at some key words:




How do you fit multiculti into this?

By inviting different faiths to join your religious holidays? By welcoming different faiths into your religious celebration,

Or by removing your faith out of it?

Many kindergartens are solving the dilemma by excluding nativity plays and Christmas carols from their celebrations, while the visit to church is organized separately.

Because the intolerant simply cannot tolerate you celebrating your religious event, you tolerate their intolerance, and this ends up in you losing a (big) part of your identity?

Good way to raise your children; teach them to bend over backwards because you are tolerant while others are intolerant. That is definitely progression.

“We have preserved some of those traditions, and none of the parents had any complaints,” says Tuula Saasatamoinen, teacher at the K├Ąpylinna kindergarten.

Maybe it is time to increasingly listen to the tolerant and outright dismiss the whining of the intolerant, who will soon start demanding that the Finnish Independence day be named "December 6 Celebration";

As one day, the intolerant will be offended by the tolerant simply uttering "It is a beautiful day". 

And behold the outcry when one day in the future a member of the currently tolerant group will object the teaching of homosexuality as being a cherished choice (remember, blank slate??) to primary school kids...

Christmas carols are eeeeevil, but arsepummeling and carpetmunching is to be cherished.

Once again: I have no problems with gays and lesbians; but I also have no problem with parents who object the teaching of these identities to young kids in sex ed.

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