Friday, June 24, 2011

Smelly Media: Greens switching from green to red part 2

Green MP: Somalis Should Be Helped at Home

Green League parliamentarian Pekka Haavisto says Somali refugees should
receive more aid at refugee camps in Somalia,

Combining with the title of the news, this is another indicator of the greens turning to their original color, red.

According to Haavisto, Finns are more concerned with the Somali refugees
living in Finland than with the actual conflict. He says he believes the key
issue is for refugees to be able to return to their homes.
And somebody please explain to me why this is such a bad thing.

A Finnish parent being more concerned about the environment his/her own kids will be living in in ten years from now, instead of being concerned what some people are doing; on the other hemisphere?

And one must be living in lalalaland to believe that the refugees will return back before amassing untold wealth relative to their homecountry.

Of course except if you deposit the benefits obtained in Finland directly to their Somalian bank accounts.

But yea, greens will call for more regulation; as the reds always do.

"Red"ulation, is what it is.

Also necessary to know: When a TrueFinns member told that the refugees should be helped at their own countries, the media went gaga. How dare the racist TrueFinns say that. Gaga... Gaga..

Together with the Greens suggesting that immigrant kids be forced into pre-school (will the immigrant mothers be forced into work when they do not have the excuse of looking after kids?), and now this, it makes me wonder why the Greens were so totally against any tightening of the immigration policies.

They admit that it is not working as well as it was advertised to the indigenous people (in this case the Finns) Btw: Merkel and Sarkozy even went further. So why not tighter control the influx, instead of forcing mandatory behavior onto people who were given a right to live here under the pretense that this is a free country?

How does that make the Greens humanitarians?

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