Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smelly Media: And yet, no point in arguing anymore

This is a follow up to my last post about the True Finns being unwanted in the political arena, even though they got 20% of the vote, up from a dismal 2 or 3% the last election.

Suddenly all those people who were for the prolateriat, for the folk, for the people turned against democracy, saying the dumb should not vote.

That was what I was saying for some time, except for me it is, do you pay tax more than you get social benefits? Then you can vote. Otherwise you have no right to vote about the governing of a country to which you are a net negative.

If someone accuses me of making it all about money, I ask thee please go look at what the coalition is arguing about. The only thing except money is NATO. Other than that, it is how more money can be taxed, and how it is to be distributed.

Ah, and when I say that, I am a discriminatory capitalist pig, but when the dumb are not to vote it is for the good of the system... Yea right... Got brutally love yourself.

Here is the latest:

Kiviniemi:"This was a farce"

When Kiviniemi’s Centre Party agreed to take part in the negotiations, it said that the True Finns also had to be onboard. However, now Kiviniemi expressed disappointment in the True Finns.

Kiviniemi said that it did not look like the True Finns wanted to take responsibility or to influence Finland’s policies, be they internal or EU-related.

Right or wrong in their policies,the True Finns are the only political party who openly declare that their first duty is to the Finns, and Finnland, not some ideology like socialism, multicultism, globslism, do goodism, PCism, PC MC, EUism or some other -ism.

In this day and age, they were the only party that said they would work for the Finns.

Right or wrong.

So when the other parties could not or would not go against their masters in Brussels, and asked the True Finns to turn around and bend over to be violated by the Kings of the EU, True Finns refused, maybe out of fear of losing votes, maybe out of principle, but in the end they were the only party not contradicting that they were voted for by the Finns, in Finland, for the Finnish parliament. 

“It doesn’t look like they’re interested in making a difference,” Kiviniemi said.

They are interested in making a difference, but they know it will not be by getting violated by the EU technocrats who soon will outlaw my right to the food that I want to eat, and already have outlawed free speech a.k.a. "pissing of the ultra sensitive intolerant bunch of people".

Staying out of a government while the EU sinks deeper into the abyss, they know that their chances of making a difference is greater at the next election.

And if the other parties were not already enjoying the plumbing they got from EU and were indeed interested in making Finland a sovereign state with functioning borders again, then the True Finns, I believe would not walk out of the talks.

She also criticised the government formation process as a whole, saying that it lacked leadership.

She should have called me.

True Finns chair Timo Soini said that EU policy once again played the decisive role in his party's choice to go into opposition.

“It’s this disastrous European policy which has been pursued in Finland. The aim here is to continue with it, and we can’t accept it,” he said.


Right or wrong, I do not care. I tip my hat to the party of farmers, sawmill workers and truckers...

Oh, you thought those people were the respected base of all leftist policies... Ya know, the working class...

Heh, I guess the "power to the people" works as long as they sing to the leftist tune. When they sing another tune, suddenly it is the "fucking farmer" as one of my leftie friends put in facebook. Before that day it was the rights of the farmer is the basis of a functioning society etc, after that day it was the dumb fucking farmer.

Tough luck, liefties.. Tough luck.

And i am saying all this knowing very well that the True Finns policies may be to my detriment.

Soini said that the True Finns can also influence EU policies from the opposition.

The way the EU goes, there will not be much left to influence in five years time.

So enjoy the opposition, while it lasts.

Btw, there are still enough idiots thinking EU is a democracy and that EU is right winged...

Stalin called them "useful idiots"

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