Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Smelly Media: Lady Doc, we love thee

So whatever women achieve is a struggle.

Will we ever see, "Struggle of Female Garbage Collectors Focus of Exhibition"?


Struggle of Female Physicians Focus of Exhibition

Today more than half of Finland’s doctors aged under 40 are women. A new
exhibition at Helsinki University Museum, Hameiden hidastamat, or
Held Back by Skirts in English, details the extraordinary careers of seven
women who blazed a trail for today’s female medical students and physicians.
How many male doctors served the society up to then is irrelevant.

See, also, "more than half are women", YIPPPIIIEEE YEAAA...

Would we ever hear cheers of "More than half are men"?? What makes it so much better that women are full time doctors, while their kids are taken care of and indoctrinated  by undereducated low wage earners, before they even can speak?

It was not always so easy for women to enter the profession. The first women
physicians only received licence to practice in Finland towards the end of
the 19th century.

And of course the assumption that is was oh-so-easy for any man to become a doctor..

Ask the thousands of farmers, miners, soldiers, sailors and such.

Oh yea, forgot, they are invisible to the female kind when talking about jobs and careers.

With the support of her brother Alfred, who was also a doctor, she was
eventually admitted to Helsinki University to study medicine. Although she
never qualified, she was granted a limited licence to practice medicine for
women and children.

The first case of affirmative action?

I got nothing against female doctors per se. A good friend of mine is a doctor, and she is a good one.

But, statistically speaking, if every woman takes 2 maternity leaves, and also we have to assume that a mother will work less than a father due to the children's needs,

A doctor graduates at 25, works another 35 years. A woman takes two years off for pregnancy + childcare, and then work part time (or at least less than a man) during the time the kids are small.Add to this that men are more likely to work overtime.

This does not have an effect on the woman's value as a doctor, or as a mother, but looking at the big picture,  the female doctor spending this time on her children, will effectively cut her working time to say, 30 years. (there was a study done about this in England, i did not search for it) Compare this to the 35 years for men.

And country wide, this effectively cuts the amount of doctor-time available by around eight percent, given a 50-50 male female ratio. The loss of doctor-time is greater with a greater percentage of females in the workforce, and for a country that is already short on doctors, this spells disaster for the sick and wounded.

Yea, go on cheering "More than half are women yeaaaay"... Which also means "less than half are men"; now it sounds more like hate speech does it not?;

Don't come crying when your specialist is on maternity leave.

P.s: I do not mind female doctors though I prefer males. It is this "more than half are female" cheering, which would not exist if the tables were turned and would be a cry of oppression "more than half are male".

To lighten up:

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