Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Smelly Media: Oh man, really no point in arguing

Less Than a Third of Finns Can Name Government Parties

No problem in the title.

And then it starts:

The poll finds that supporters of the True Finns Party, working-class people and young people have the poorest knowledge about the government.

Allright, so we branded the True Finns party as ignoramus. They are the one with the poorest knowledge. Together with the young and the working... Guess the non working are well versed in politics, eh... (I know working class means something else)

The present government is formed by the Centre Party, the National Coalition Party, the Green League and the Swedish People’s Party of Finland.


Yet a third of Finns wrongly believe that the Social Democrats are part of the government, which is nearing the end of its four-year term.

So 33% of Finns are poor in this knowledge;

Nearly half of Left Alliance supporters think that SDP is part of the government,

But 50% of the Lefties wrongly think SDP is in the government;

while two out of five True Finns supporters believe this to be the case;


40% of the True Finns think so.

Over a quarter of SDP supporters believe the party is in government.

So 25% of the SDP people, you know the enlightened lefties think THEIR OWN PARTY is in the government, when it is not.

Among under-25-year-olds, around half believe that the Greens are not in the government, and a third thinks that the True Finns are part of the current administration.

Considering the True Finns got a measly few percent of the vote in the last elections, this is a very bad result for the case of universal suffrage.

Voting is not a right, it should be a responsibility, and an earned one at that.

Yet this is the kind of journalism that makes many people call the True Finns racist for their remarks, and then make remarks like "We got the cockroaches in the parliament", "We now got few of those white trash in the government" and so on, without stopping one moment to think about their remarks and their implications.

And it is this kind of journalism that does not mention half of the (so assumed) educated SDP voters wrongly think their own party is in the government; but puts in its first paragraph words in a way that imply that the True Finns supporters are ignorant as hell, as 40% of them did not know about a different party's involvement in the government. (When the whole finnish average of ignorance was 33%)

This kind of journalism cannot be taken in good faith as the behavior clearly shows subjective reporting and trying to push an agenda upon the people.

It cannot be trusted, nor can naivete be assumed.

It is misinformation done deliberately and knowingly.

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