Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smelly Media: An insight into Europeans walking toward cultural and demographic suicide.

Hundreds Rally for Tolerance

Hey, how about rally for tolerance of minorities like in Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, etc etc, where they are getting butchered by the day, burned in their churches, raped under daylight, and decapitated like stray dogs?

Well, ok, I will calm down. 

About 1,200 members of the public gathered in front of the Parliament in
Helsinki to rally their countrymen to respect tolerance and

Here I will ask for a rally for the minorities to respect and tolerate the culture of the majority.

For not getting pissed at every remark that is made, especially if it is backed by facts and numbers.


Even the Great MultiCulti German Chancellor has said it does not work, the French Sarkozy said it does not work

What makes you think it will work here? The cold weather and the goodwill of the Finnish people?

Good luck with that when the common denominator in all failed MultiCulti Diversity states is multicultism and diversity itself.

Diversity and proximity does not work once a tipping point is reached and one group is less tolerant than the other.

There is no other way, there has been no other way, and we human have not yet evolved into human beings with shiny grey skin that can communicate via thought.

So history will repeat itself, over and over.

The rally was seeded by private individuals on Facebook and called for an open and tolerant Finland that cares for minorities and shoulders its share of
responsibility for global problems.

5 million people responsible for the world?

5 million people who have some wealth because they worked like dogs and did not breed like hamsters?

Where the government talks clearly show that Finland is at or close to its population limit that it can sustain without going down the blackhole?

So Finland which has reasonably responsibly only bred children they could support and made it from 3.6 to 5.6 (give an take a few 0.1s) in hundred years is responsible for people that double their population every 20-25 years? And this with tens of millions to start with?

I tell you what the share is for Finland:

The 5.6 millions of Finns, and arguably the foreigners who are working inside the borders.

That's it.

Even that is stretching the limits of the economy. And in this place with these winters you would not want a bad economy.

If some private charity wants to do good, then feel free. That is a personal/institutional decision.

But Finland, with 250.000 unemployed, and one third under Finnish standards of poverty does not have that luxury.  Yea some places have people who make less than two euros a day, I feel for them, but they also do not live in a place where a loaf of bread costs 2.69 euros.

such as immigration, conservation, the status of linguistic
minorities and gender equality.
Linguistic minorities? The only ones I know about are the Swedes and the Sami and they have been here for centuries. And there have been problems, I hope they will be solved.

Gender equality? I doubt they were walking for the right to obtain the DNA of "his" child without the consent of the mother, so he knows if he is the father or if the bitch is making him raise some other's dickvomit, when it is a crime to swap babies in the hospital; or not making the man responsible for a baby for who the mother has the sole choice over its life or death.

Immigration? Yea, call for more immigration, you useful people. With your birthrate of 1.7 kids per woman this is nothing more, nothing less than demographic suicide. Numbers speak for themselves: an average of 2.2 for immigrants in total,  with some groups having 4.9, 3.8, and 3.4* (while interestingly the most baby birthing groups are also the least employed.... my taxes.....).

It is not racism, not xenophobia. It is being open minded and humanist and also being able to read some frigging numbers and connecting some dots; and not singing kumbayyaaa.

Shit, I go out on the weekend, and am not sure if I am in Abu Dabi, Madagascar or Jakarta..
(Places are arbitrary, if you feel like it replace the names with Madrid, Marmaris (Turkish Ibiza), Sharm El Sheik (Egyptian Ibiza), Havana, back streets of Rio, etc, etc)

”Our aim was to highlight the very values that we appreciate. It was good
natured and community-spirited,” Junkkaala continued.
Kumbayyaaa kumbayyyaaa...

”Our motto is, ’Finland has room for everyone’,” said Junkkaala.

This person either has no kids, wants no grandkids, or is blind and deaf.

That motto will change soon. Very soon.

People from Oslo, people from Malmo, people from Rotterdam, people from Amsterdam also had those ideas, just five years ago, and they are also northern europeans. 

And I would not have written this harsh a post about this demonstration, if I would not see and hear similar things all the day, and would not have lost one of my origins last week due to the similar tolerant mentality not being able to protect freedom in life and in belief when faced with the intolerant in enough numbers. 

It is about good intentions vs the real world and unintended consequences.

It is about preventing future suffering.

*In the link it is mentioned that the current rate of immigrants will not be enough to fill the places of the retiring workers.
Makes me wonder what are the currently unemployed 250.000 are for....
And people eat this shit up like a birthday cake.
250.000 unemployed we got, but the immigrant will not be enough to fill the workplaces.
What workplaces? You already have 250.000 too less.

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