Thursday, October 06, 2011

Afraid of the approach? Every rejection is one step towards the pearly gates

"Dude it is my last night, I need to get laid" he said.

I was not going to educate anybody when I am full high on Ouzo. So i said

"Talk to ten girls, one will work out"

I see him talking to the beat looking girl in the bar. I respected that, since I was thinking about talking with her. Then he talked with a short lesbian who does mercenary jobs in the Middle East..

He came

"That was four"

"Six to go" I said, went back to my business.

Then I spot him talking to a girl that was 1.90... The guy was under 1.70...

"Man that was 8... This sh%t ain't happening" by now he is drunk, and I am careless so I say

"You gotta select your targets more carefully"

In his frustration he almost starts a fight with me about what I mean when I directed him towards a girl more suitable for him. Well he went, and it went good, but desperation can be smelled.


Moral of the story?

He did not get laid; but after 8 tries, he eventually found a girl that was welcoming to his "Hi"

A rejection is not a rejection.

Nobody I know has a zero percent ratio for getting a favorable reaction from a woman. Some have 50% warm response ratio, some have 5%...

This means, no matter how many times you will get rejected,  after some point, you will get a warm response.

Every rejection then, is a step towards a "Helloooo", to your "Hi".

Treat every rejection as thus.

One step closer to your bed.

No rejections, no steps, no bed.

Unless there is someone who wants to take you to their bed, then you only need not to f%&k up, but that happens not to be in the context of saying "Hi".

While writing this story:

Said "Hi" to the girls in front of me. I thought one went to the loo, but apparently it was loo before the go; had a very warm response. They left, and I did what needed be done. 

A guy was talking to a girl on the next table. When he left, she laughed behind his back. She does not know that he is sitting with a better girl somewhere in the back. (Note: I love contact lenses)

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