Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Smelly Media: Morons' Dictionary: Gender Pay Gap = Because different jobs pay different wages

Men die 2000% more often than women on the job.


Men die six years younger than women; men live six year less than women.


Men get 50% less retirement benefits than women.


Men commit suicide 300%  more often than women.


Prostate cancer gets 90-95% less funding than breast cancer

"Damn, even that is too much"

In their lifetime men work way more longer hours, missing on their children's growing up

"A man's choice..."

So, what is the problem, I hear my readers ask. Since the feminasties are up and railing again.

This apparently is our big problem:

"Women get paid 18% less than men. For different jobs"

You kidding me?
You shitting me?
You serious?

When did we come to the situation where a expert shitpert can openly say that the Gender Pay Gap = The problem that exists because women and men work different fields; choose to work different jobs, choose to get different educations, are interested in different subjects...

Effff you, and eff your expertise.

Half a year ago, our presidents unfortunate words disrespecting the dead soldiers caused me to start the Smelly Media series, Dead soldiers party in the grave

Today, this caused me to go on Facebook with my commentary. I'm curious what will come out of that.

Here is the poisonous shit of a news article that straight from the horses mouth approves the vile bile that the feminasties have running in their veins, and the lies and misdirections that they shamelessly portray.

In the end what can you expect of Satan's daughters whose idols claimed that "All sex is rape", "All men must die"... Where are the hate speechers now?

Gender pay gap in Finland worse than in Europe.

Women in Finland earn on average 18 percent less than men, according to statistics. Experts interviewed by the YLE programme Aamu-TV on Wednesday said that the gender pay gap could grow even larger.

So, now you think, damn man, women do the same work, the same job, put in the same time, get the same results?

Think again, you blind fool.

The white collar union confederation STTK has calculated that, if the 18-percent gap is to be viewed as getting only 82 percent salary, women in Finland are effectively not going to be paid for the work they do for the rest of this year, starting on Wednesday.

Since men are earning 22% more tax, that will make them jump a few tax brackets, making them pay 30-50% more than women. So starting on Next January the first, men will continue paying this years added taxes into January, February, March, April, maybe May and even June, of next year, together with the tax on next years earning.

Women earn one month less?

Men pay six months extra.

How's that for a f%&king Gender Tax Gap?

“The wage gap is a stain on Finland, which is doing brilliantly in many other matters of equality,” says Outi Viitamaa-Tervonen from the Ministry of Social Affairs at Health, who leads the government’s and labour confederations’ equal pay project.
Lefty men. Have you not yet seen that the government is your enemy? That the welfare state steals from you and still blames you?

How is this for equality, you Ministry of How to Screw Men to Give to Women?

Gender Work Place Death Gap
Gender Tax Gap
Gender Life Length Gap
Gender Medical Research Gap
Gender Time Spent With Kids Gap
Gender The Right to Knowing the Kid is Yours Gap
Gender Retirement Benefit Gap

This does not mean that women are paid less than men for carrying out exactly the same tasks. Rather, jobs in sectors dominated by women tend to bring in worse salaries than jobs in industries dominated by men. In the same field, jobs usually held by women pay less than ones typically held by men.

There you got it.

"This does not mean that women are paid less than men for carrying out exactly the same tasks."

So, they are comparing neurosurgeons to hairdressers and coming up with a redefined gender gap?

Yes they are.

Deliberate lying, shameless information bending, ruthless misdirecting,

Simply put, lying to your face. (And smiling about it... Look at the article's photo)

According to Lahermaa, the problem is rooted so deeply that it’s difficult to make a change. She says that solving it requires cooperation between the government, the labour confederations, the trade unions and the employers.

The problem is rooted in the fact that a neurosurgeon is more valuable to society than a hairdresser.

This is it.

This is the end of it.

I urge the Miss to go get her next brain surgery at the hairdressers, as she thinks they are the same thing.

Better yet,

I urge the Miss FemiMissFit to get her next surgery on the desk of a women's studies major.

“And money, of course,” she adds.

Paid by?... Men...

Lahermaa stresses the importance of including additional paternity leave in the national framework deal on wage and conditions.

Throwing the dog a bone... Take it and shove it.

These two ladies should be sued for deliberately spreading misinformation designed to build distrust between the sexes, thus to destabilize the society.

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  1. Cut ties with the cuntish race. That's all. We're done for. These people want us dead, and that's exactly where this is tending.

  2. Just until recently I thought about the genocide of the west, the suicide of the west, sacrifice in the name of Pc etc; but these phrases do not do justice.

    What you say is the real deal, said in a simple language without the shrills, frills, sophistication, etc:

    "These people want us dead"
    And listening to them will get us killed.