Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smelly Media: Why the Church has turned into a joke. Exhibit 2011.56

State training for Finland's imams?


Naivete, ignorance, good will and PC blinders on, all in the same time.

Read any news lately? What is happening around the world?


Here we go;

Welcome to Lalaland of the PC continent, the BatSheep insane world of the current diverse multiculti dominance, the PC department:

The time is ripe for considering imam training in Finland, says Archbishop Kari Mäkinen. Home-grown imams could help Finland's Muslims feel more at home, according to the head of the country’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.
Emphasis mine.
So our leader of the church thinks that the higher authority following Muslims will readily accept an imam trained by the infidel institutions of Finland. Wow...
Genuine, sincere, naive, goodwilling (?), wishful thinking. 
Maybe he should open his Bible and read it 3 times. Once for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
And then read some history and read some non leftie, non diversity worshiping, non multiculti-fellating, un-pc news outlets.
There are some assumptions as some people actually wanting to integrate, wanting to be part of society without totally replicating their own society (that they claim to have ran away from, btw;), that there are people who are as open minded as us... Welcoming and tolerant...
Assumptions which have been proven wrong in almost every western country.
“It’s important that members of the Islamic community—as those of other faiths—have strong ties to Finnish society, its language and culture,” said Mäkinen, speaking on Wednesday at a seminar in Turku on on religious literacy and interfaith cooperation.
Do they all want to have/do have ties? Or do some just want the benefits of living in a first world country?
Interfaith cooperation... I.e: Example of not doing your homework... Funny coming in a religious literacy conference.
Reads more like a "Feel Good" conference.
Finland has no ready formula for national imam training programmes, though it could look to the Netherlands, which launched government-funded imam training initiatives five years ago to promote the integration of its Muslim citizens.
Yea, looking at the Netherlands, that program has been a huge success... Or?
How's it working for them?
Rimke van der Veer, who heads such training in the Netherlands, says Dutch imams often act as part social worker, which requires deep knowledge of the local culture.
And the real orders are coming from abroad.
In the next line, a prominent member of the community clearly tells what the community thinks of Archbishop's words:
State and religion
{I removed the name} founder of the popular Muslim online community, says a fresh look is needed at religious leadership in general.
“We should redefine what an imam does, and the role of this religious institution in today’s world,” says {again, the name} who moved to Finland in 2004 from the United Arab Emirates. “People today have a strong individual identity and won’t just accept information that’s handed down.”
Fresh look?


"Won't just accept information that's handed down" (Hmm... handed down by whom?)


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