Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sleeping Beardy and Princess Not-Charming

It had been a beautiful eve. I had returned home just before 24, and finished the eve with the unfinished horror flick.

Must have been 1.30 when I closed my eyes, knowing a good day followed by an entertaining eve was behind me and fell asleep immediately.

Ok, there is danger here. I know she is dead, but walking, I know he wants to take me to the kingdom of the dead with me, shit, this is a dream, and I am sweating, but let's see where this takes m.... shiiiit, what is this death bringing phone doing here??? Stop it.. stop you mofo... stop (b)ringing death!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!

Find myself sitting upright in bed and breathing heavily when I open my eyes. The phone is ringing. I had forgotten to put the ringer volume down.

WTF? What is the time?

Look at the phone.

It is RedFlagDress calling.


So I look at the time, still half asleep.

3.50 AM

Ahh.. Ok. Now it makes sense. Bars close 3.30, there is only one reason a girl calls at this time, drunk or sober. And twenty minutes had passed, so either she is somewhere downstairs, or she is home and this will be an interesting chat.

"How are youu?"
"How have you been?"
"Hmmhmm".. I am thirsty, so I get up go to the kitchen
"Have been wondering how you are"
"It has been long time"
"Oh.. I can close the phone if I bothered you".. the glass of water wakes me up

"How was you night?"
"It was great. I had lots of fun"
"Where are you?"
"I came home"
"hmm", I go to the toilet, am paying my waste water tax to Mama Earth.

"Why didn't you call me" she asks
"..." 'cause you were a b'tch, and stepping on red flags can make my life blow up?

"You want to give me company?"  
...there it is...
Thanks for the offer, but am not going to go out now"
"What? The offer is not good enough?"
"Good offer bad timing".. I do not know if she is hearing the sounds of me paying tax.

"You get a cab and come over here, give me company" I counter. (So much for red flags if the investment is near zero and security measures can be taken)
"Nooo" she says
"What? The offer not good enough?"
"You're strange" she says
"You're stranger" I blurt out, trying not to splash around because of my laughter.

"I don't know why I even called you"
... I do.

"'night" I say
"good night" she says.

I go to bed, now have lost my sleep, and the little horny devil inside me is running up and down "Dude, you had it, how can you let go"....
"Do you want to crawl out of the warm bed, get dressed, get a cab in this cold, deal with a possibly drunk drama queen who has a chance of %1 of playing the am not ready game on your horny balls?"
He scratches his horned horny head,
"Yea... Good point... 'Night" and dozes off before I do.
And slept sweet and sound till ten in the morning.

Now am writing this two pm, soon off to a good training. Lifting heavy weights, not trying to lift off heavy drama.

She will call again. Maybe, then, the story will not be written.

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