Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smelly Media: We are all equal, but the chose get affirmative action

Minister demands discrimination ombudsman

Justice Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson is calling for the establishment of a special ombudsman to deal with discrimination issues. She points out that the Ombudsman for Minorities only deals with matters related to ethnic minorities and foreigners.

Well, I have previously mentioned that that OfM office should be abolished, after the problems the office came up with.

Discrimination on grounds such as language, religion, sexual orientation and disability are easily forgotten, says Robin Harms, Minister Henriksson’s special adviser.

Easily forgotten because no-one can utter a word against gay, speaking against religion is a crime punishable by jail, language.... well, I can't speak fluent Finnish, so shall I sue a company that has no use for me? The only legitimate claim would be of the disabled and they are already taken care of by the state. 

It seems to be that the only disenfranchised group, the only ones having no-one looking after them are the Finnish/working/western/white men... I mention all three conditions, as, as long as you work and pay your taxes, you are lumped together with the working men, and of you are western but not working, you still are put together in the same group with Finnish men.  

Apparently we are the evil oppressors of single mothers of three from two unemployed fathers managing to get away to Spanish riviera three times a year...

Apparently we are the evil oppressors of vibrant families, unemployed with four kids, living in a 100m2 house in the centerpoint of downtown, getting free gym, school, hobby school etc and more than 1200 euros in cash benefits.

Not to forget, all this, while a 40% quota for women has been requested for top level jobs.  

Western/Working man, is it clear now that you are the only ones for how discrimination is sanctioned?

Labour market organisations have, however, wanted to keep such matters under the authority of regional state administrative agencies.

So there are already laws in place...

Mo', mo', mo'...

Harms say Finland’s failure to establish an office to deal with, for example, bias in the workplace, hurts Finland’s reputation.

What hurts Finlands reputation is what is going on with Nokia... Not the male dominated jobs not wanting gays in their locker rooms, not companies who do not want people who can't even speak their own language, let alone write; not the physical jobs not wanting to put the disabled in danger; not the ultra sensitive non tolerant who cry abuse at every little possible non-positive result.

”We promote human rights around the world, but this is our situation at home,” says Harms.


Go on, openly ridicule, belittle and blame your most productive segment.

One day you will get you quota, when enough men retreat from this hostile life to play Warcraft and drink homemade brew;

What will you cry then? Force slavery?

I mean, openly force it?

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