Thursday, October 20, 2011

Smelly Media: EUdiocy on display

Danish and Finish PMs pessimistic about Euro summit

Two weeks ago the Social Democratic leader Thorning-Schmidt became Denmark's first woman prime minister. Her left-oriented coalition has promised to loosen Denmark's immigration policy.

Wow... I did not know Denmark had something resembling an immigration policy, let alone a strict one.

Maybe, since the lady is a leftie, she can explain, how importing culture enhancing vibrators will actually be a benefit to Denmark's Viking heritage.

Anyway, soon the marked Viking graves will have their marks removed as the Viking markings are touching on the sensitivities of the perpetually offended.

If the news would end here, it would not smell this much.

But it continues:

After the above quote, our rulers mention:

She and her Finnish opposite number, Jyrki Katainen, discussed the European Union's economic crisis among other issues. Speaking to reporters afterwards, neither was very hopeful that any major steps forward would be made at this weekend's summit conference.

Even if these two quotes seem unrelated, they actually are connected from the umbilical cord, and the only valid comment to this news would be,

"No sh¤t, Sherlock!"

P.s.: For the interested, go to the link and observe the body language of the gentleman.


  1. Hi. I suspect you would appreciate this cartoon about the EU:

  2. If your replace the top pigeon with the EUSSRcrats and their owners/bedfellows, and put the German people's pigeon at the lowest rank where everyone sh&ts on the one pigeon, I would agree.