Thursday, October 06, 2011

Afraid of the approach? This is almost as worse as it can get.

Lesson: Approach.

I had totally forgot this event, remembered it last night just before falling asleep. Don't even remember what made me remember.

That night I was out alone. I knew a friend of mine will come downtown in a few hours, so I was hanging out in a bar that I frequent, listening to Iron Maiden and Megadeth, sipping some Gin&Soda.

Beside me there was a table of five people, three girls, two guys.

I noticed them because one of the girls, the only cute one,  looked at me, told her friends something, and then looked back.

Without thinking about the situation, without even feeling social, I go to the girl.

Five on the table sitting, I come in, standing,

"Hey there" I tell the girl, and then I notice I went to talk to a table of five without even checking the situation, without trying to get an idea who is doing who, so on.

Five heads turn to me, ten eyes. Waiting for me to say something,

I could have said "I noticed this girl here gossiping, thought I would inquire about that" or something...

But somehow I could not get the focus out. So,

"Uhhmmmm" I said

"Hi" said the girl

I nodded to the others, they nodded back, the guys having a look of WTF...

At this point I am totally lost, like as if I jumped into a frozen lake, thinking it was hot tub with champagne in an icebucket.

"Hey, I said hi, but I should ask the connections here first" I say,

They ramble something.

Some more ramblings on my side, mainly because I could not get out of my head, where Symphony of Destruction was playing.

At some point, I turned outwards,

"Hey guys, right now this makes not sense, have a good night"

And I left.

Knowing that five people were looking at eachother and saying "What the f¤¤k was that?"... Knowing that I nuked myself into orbit in a situation that I normally handle well. Felt like sh%t... Felt like a f¤¤kup...

What happened?

The world ended?

Armageddon came?

I turned celibate?

It was advertised in the town paper?


My friends came out. We went to the club downstairs, it was bad, on the way we had fun with one of the bouncers, went to get some sangria, got to hear a woman bitch on me, laughed about it, had a blondie all over me till some fuse in her head blew, saw a long lost colleague, saw an old flame who just go married, laughed some more, got punched, punched back, got manhugged by a bouncer.

The incident at that table, which marks one of my most memorable f¤¤k ups in the context of approaching did not even make a dent in that evening.

And I am just trying to remember when it was that when I said "Hi" to a girl, she totally bitched on me, only for me to turn my back, see a much more interesting woman, say "Hi" and have a very entertaining interaction after that. The bitch-jaw dropped to the floor, trying to get my attention the rest of the night.

Did her bitching end my night? It actually opened the doors to another not to be written story.

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