Monday, October 31, 2011

Smelly Media: Info on the WWIII in the details; while the army's biggest issue is ekwalitee

While the army and the politicians are still all hands busy with pleasing the ever un-pleasable ekwaliteests and multicultists, one line in the news shows what people not blinded by PC are busy doing.

Wallin: More attention to minorities in the military

Defense Minister Stefan Wallin wants to see changes in national military service that would better make use of educational opportunities for conscripts. Wallin also told YLE that improvements are needed in the treatment of sexual minorities and of ethnic minorities in the military.

Skipping my usual tirade, I am beginning to wonder how many sexual minorities there are.

You got gays, you got lesbians, you got the transgendered, you got the multitransgendered (the ones changing their gender every few years), who else?

"Since we are keeping universal conscription, it is increasingly important that we are able to increase its social relevance. This includes making the training and skills gained during national service of use later in working life," Wallin said in a YLE TV interview early Saturday.

Correction: By meaning universal conscription, he means "Mandatory for men, open for women if they wish so"

The Defense Minister also wants more attention to be given to the treatment of minorities and people of differing ethnic backgrounds within the military.

Allright, I got nothing against this, but loyalties are a bitch.

You teach a guy named Antonov how to use an anti-aircraft gun to shoot down the Antonov planes. Question is, will Antonov shoot Antonovs?

"In terms of instilling values and attitudes, it is important that we are able to show young people that regardless of where a service comrade is from, whether of foreign extraction or not, whether a member of a sexual minority or not, each is in exactly the same position, just as valuable, with undeniable dignity," stressed Wallin.

I agree. A bullet does not discriminate; and a brother in arms is a brother in arms.

After all this ekwalitee and multi culti assessment of the army, and all the talk abot how the world is one happy place when all cultures coexist simultaneously under the same living space and how diversity is so beautiful with the counties with no borders etc;

We get the important information:

An eye on Russia

According to Defense Minister Wallinin, Finland should keep a close watch on Russian spending on its military.

Russia has announced that it will be be earmarking new funds for its defense forces worth hundreds of millions of euros over the next few years. For its part, the Finnish military calculates that it will have to make savings of over 800 million euros by 2015.


What the defense minister calls "hundreds of millions of euros over the next years" is actually an increase of 26 billion euros by 2013. Lets rewrite that:

260 of hundreds million euros... Kind of an understatement on the minister's part?

Similar increases by China.

That NATO is going around bombing whomever they want is not helping the cause either.

What is the Finnish government doing? Cutting the already small army into a mini-force; in order to pay for the more necessary welfare state and the loved single mothers and cherished vibrators.

Ah well... One can argue that a conventional army will not be of much importance of the time of nuclears.

And what our problem with this?

The even if slight possibility of the total annihilation of Western Europe, or Finland?


Wallin warned in the YLE interview that a subsequent gap in defense capability could tip the scales in favour of NATO membership for Finland.

God forbid the Finns join the Nato...


  1. I just found this blog today and have been reading through some of the previous posts. I must say that as far as the issues of feminism and gender conflict are concerned, it's as if you've copied and pasted from U.S. bloggers. Good to read about defense minister Wallinin because that tells me you're not talking about the U.S.

    Curious: Are you a native Finn or are you an American living in Finland?

  2. Welcome to the blog;

    It is of no consequence that the feminism and gender issue are very similar to the US bloggers as feminism and the gender issues caused by it are similar all over.

    It is like feminists (and other lefties) work from the same one and only schoolbook.

    I am a foreigner living in Finland; not American.

  3. Sorry, I didn't mean to overlook the other countries in the Anglosphere. So are you from the U.K.?

    Yeah, it's rough all over in the matriarchal world. So much for seeking a Finnish bride (or Swedish for that matter).