Thursday, October 06, 2011

Afraid of the approach? Not giving yourself the chance to get rejected, is rejection by default

"I do not want to get rejected", "I am afraid of the rejection", etc etc...

Using this excuse, you do not go and say "Hi"...

What happens?

You do not give her the chance to reject you,
You do not give yourself the chance to get rejected,

You have done the rejection for her.

By not saying "Hi", you are rejecting yourself before a chance is even born.

You do not give her a chance to welcome you,
You do not give yourself the chance to be welcomed.
You reject yourself, not giving a chance to other people to reject you, or welcome you.

You play a football match where before the game you take the ball into your own goal, lay it on the ground and say "I don't want to lose", and do not show up for the game. What happened? You lost. 

Give rejection a chance.
Even a cat has nine lives.
Do you think a rejection has more?
At some point it will have no energy to block the welcome to your "Hi"...

But you not saying "Hi" is you playing into the hands of the rejection Devil, recharging it with the energy of your soul.

Where is the story in this post you say...

There is no story. There needs to be no story when this may be the thickest storybook ever written for each and every man.

How many rejections you had in your life?

Unimportant. Neglibible.

The story to this post are the rejections that I gave to myself,

For every woman that rejected me, I have rejected myself 10... 50... (100?) times.

Every time I saw a girl that I went "hmm" to and I did not say "hi" to; I rejected myself. This "everytime", is the story.

How would my life have been if I had given the girl the choice of rejection or welcoming instead of choosing rejection from the get go?

How would your life have been?

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