Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Crazy. Stupid .Stupid. 2. Your CV does not make my flagpole fly the banners

Petite, cute little thingy.

Just perfect ass. Just perky breasts. The right belly. Cute eyes.

My turn on meter is throbbing in my pants.

"You know, I am a team leader"...

"Yup I know"..

Ok, that was the fifttenth time she told me that.

Five minutes later,

"I am a team leader"

"Huh-hmm", enjoying the package, all my senses working except the hearing one.

I am not your husband, I do not need to feel proud of whatever your accomplishments are, I just am there to ravage you, so you will have a memory from 2011, that you can masturbate to when you close your eyes. And that is your feminine figure and your feminine behavior.

Not your strength, not your independence, I have no interest in intimacy with a Spartan 300. Neither your CV. It is Curriculum Vitae, not Cherry Viagra.

Sadly the team came in between me and the leader, and I got cockblocked by other team leaders and the big boss of the leaders.

In anycase,

Had she shut up and just looked at me with those puppy eyes, I would have cocked the cockblockers and given her a memory. It would have helped if she would not be so drunk.

Something I don't do. (most the time)
I don't man up for drunk women.

Something my flagpole does not do.
Rise up to fly the banner when the CV winds blow.

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