Saturday, December 10, 2011

Smelly Media: Kudos to this guy, screw the partisan media

So one guy made a life for himself, learned two languages, and is active in making society a better place.

My respects to him.

Does it need a full page media article?

Meet Ahmed, a Swedish-speaking Finnish Somali


Like I said, my respects to him.

Now, which is more worthy of the news?

One Somalian* learning two languages and working (reportedly) for the good of the society,

Or, Somalians* (12.000) having  3.7-4** kids per woman while possessing a 55% unemployment rate, and studies across Europe showing that the children of welfare recipients are statistically more likely to be welfare recipients themselves?***,****

Which will have a greater impact on the society, indigenous and immigrant alike?


The respectable man on this article, has gotten one article.

The Refugee Woman of the Year has gotten three articles. Here, here, here

Ok, got to give points where it is due, the suspected terrorists got eight articles.  (besides three or more others, all more detailed, more general, and more warning,  about homegrown western terrorism)

And the 6600+ living on welfare, giving birth to 3.33+ kids have been mentioned in one sentence in one general article about unemployment, and one sentence in one general article about birth rate.

I will be called racist and hatemonger for seeing this discrepancy.

Oh, and this main news outlet forgot to mention that 25-45% of rapes are committed by foreigners. (An article at the local paper last week, that I will touch on later this week, where it is hinted at that it is not the New Zealanders or the Old French doing the raping)  Maybe we should call them New Finns? "Foreigner" is racial profiling.

P.s.: I also know of a somalian university student, who is a good sportsman, who studies hard, works to get through his studies, and is overall a good student and a good person. He is doing what thousands of others are doing.  I know an Afghan, Iranian, Iraqi, Finn, Estonian, Latvian, French, Colombian, Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc etc... Who all are doing this.

Then the Kenyan or Ghanian looking man who takes medical courses at the university, coming to the university with crutches even at -20 degrees, walking at half speed through the cold, gets my uttermost respect.

But knowing these  two respectable members of the society does not change the facts; which, surprisingly, have been reported in the media, albeit hardly noticeable.


I have thought long on posting this or not. In today's free speech, opening your mouth will cause you to get the boot of PC stuffed into it, thus these notes to clarify somethings:

* Somalians are talked about in this post because the newspaper is talking about the one Somalian. If the newspaper was talking about the Spaniard that I know, who learned to speak Finnish like a Finn in two years while speaking Spanish, German and English, and then moved on to Russian, Japanese and, I think, also Arabic, then the post would be about Spaniards in Finland. Especially the Erasmus exchange student crowd.

** I looked for the reference where I read the 3.7 or 4.5 number, where the Somalians were the most breeding, with Iraqis the second, but could not find it. This article puts the average birth rate for Africa origined to 3.33%, and it is safe to assume that the Somalians to be on the above average part of that equation.

*** Just google. Last week there was an article coming out in Sweden, and similar stories and studies emerge from all over the continent. And in other studies not looking at the ethnicity, still what is found: Parent on welfare almost equal child on welfare. So in this case it can be clear that I am not after the ethnicity but after the numbers 55% and 3.33+%.

**** For the multiculti diversity trolls, before you call me racist, and such, I am merely reporting what the newspapers have already reported. And asking some logical questions. Of course in your language logic = hate.

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