Monday, December 12, 2011

Smelly Media: Killing the west piece by piece

Feminism reducing birthrate,
Equality tuning into totalitarianism,
Immigration importing haters,
Envirofascism stopping production,

All done in the good of what?

The children?

The world?

How does the depopulation of Europe help the world's population problem when Africa is (literally) multiplying geometrically?
How does the envirofascism imposed on European production help the world when China, India, Africa, etc care squat about the environment?
How does immigration help the future children when Santa will be outlawed as offensive?

But no,

Europe, and European institutions continue on the deadly track of suicide.

The self hatred, and the hatred of the productive is so apparent in the article, disgust is a word that would stay too light.

Audit Office slams commuter deductions

Finland's National Audit Office criticises commuter tax deductions for personal transport. The authority says mileage deductions run directly counter to Finland's environmental targets.

A tsunami of an economic crisis is at our door step, and "SLAM" goes the Audit Office; people who want to work, who travel to work, should not get the mileage deductions, which btw, if I am right start only counting at one way distances of more than 50 km.

Housing is way overpriced, not exlainable by material costs, but by imposed housing rules of the governments and maybe the monopoly of the construction companies. Especially in the center of cities. Way overpriced.

And then, a flat that takes almost one third of my after tax income is given freely to an unemployed or an immigrant "because we don't want to cause ghettos to form", further reducing available housing (as especially the unemployed immigrants want to stay in the three main cities, in the center, and well, they get it, for free), and the government giving money for rent causing rent and housing prices to shoot... 

Fuck the environmental targets. 

I'm known for drinking the lake water in which I swim, the forests are forests and there is zero, zero air pollution even in the city center where I am (ok, 7-8 am, and 4-5 pm, may have some smell of exhaust.. but that is it)

If the Finns (and us, living here) would cease to exist today, it would not make a dent in the amount of pollution China and India, and Russia, etc is bringing onto this world.

I may be shortsighted, and bigoted, but at least am not open minded enough that my brains fell off.

The west is also polluting but it is exclusively the west which is researching clean energies and how to reduce pollution; all the while killing its own production by the regulations.

Its report says mileage deductions encourage long commutes, increasing the amount of traffic on roads.


So these people who commute these long hours, who also pay the taxes should quit work, and get on welfare, to get those expensive apartments in the city centre for free?

According to the report, around half a million Finns benefit from the tax break. Single-passenger commuting has a cumulative effect. In 2008, commuter deductions exceeded funds Finland spent on curbing greenhouse emissions.

Considering that 500.000 is 20% of the working age population, and 22% of the actual working, I would say that they do deserve some commuting tax break... Hell, it is not even a direct handout, as it is given to the 250.000 unemployed, including the state subsidized professional baby machines popping out future unemployables.

But as we all know, the unemployed do not cause carbon emissions.

And then if single passenger commuting has such a big effect, why not installing faster trains, and making train travel less expensive than single passenger car travel?

I take the car, even when I am driving myself, because fuel + coffee break is cheaper than the train. Public transportation, my ass. Same for the inner city buses. Car once you have it, is cheaper already for a single driver.

Recently, the Ministry of Transport and Communications said that Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions from transportation still exceed its goals outlined in the Kyoto Protocol, an international climate agreement to slow down global warming.

After the Climategate Scandal, that some Finnish institutions and the Finnish Media still splurt the crap about Gloooobaaaal Waaaammmiiiinnngggg, is the sign that these people are not friends.

They are not working for whom they claim to be working, and they do not have Finland's best interests in mind.

Replace Finland with Germany, UK, whatever western country.

How long will an economy survive punishing its productive members?

If there will be a second coming of Christ, or a comparable figure, Europe will be the new example of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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