Monday, December 05, 2011

Smelly Media: When facts are racist

President Halonen: Racism will not remove injustice

Forgive me for not understanding the title. I do presume there is something lost in translation here.

President Tarja Halonen says the increased incidence of racist comments in Finland is a symptom of the dark side of worldwide globalisation.

Which, of course is the fault of the western people?

What about coming out with the historical tested and tried true fact for eons:

"Diversity and proximity equals war" ??

Ok, so if globalisation has a dark side as racism, does racism come out of nothing, or does globalization force something on normal people so they turn racist?

Or race realist?

Maybe self defensist? (I know the word does not exist)

Would the dark side of globalisation be weakened if the borders were tightened? Ooops. That is racist. Näää... It is borderist. discriminating between the borders.

If racism is a symptom of a dark side, what is the cause? What is the dark side?

What if talking about the dark side is now branded racism?

Speaking on the Arto Nyberg interview programme on Sunday, she said intolerance grew from unjust experiences that racism could not solve. The President reminded Finns that the language and practice of intolerance fed unwanted phenomena. But she noted this was a problem facing many nations such as France, Holland the United States, for example.

Unwanted phenomena: Immigrant family living in the center of town in a 150 square meter apartment, (min 1500 euros rent), father jobless, mother busy popping future geniuses (4 kids), getting 1500 euros in direct welfare support, besides other benefits. 

Unwanted phenomena: Rape statistics.

Definitely a problem of language.

A language, that has eliminated the word: No.

And the problem facing many nations as she mentions is not the racism of the indigenous people, it is the cause of this race based rhetoric.


Will we blame the swedish and norwegian immigrant rape epidemic on the swedish and norwegian girls because they are not sexing enough the insatiable testosterone riddled macho mutants?

Will we blame the reporters for reporting it? (yes, they are blamed)

She called on opinion makers such as journalists, politicians, the clergy and teachers to break the chain of hate speech.

What if logical discourse nowadays is called hate speech?

We can just go and close all the (non-mainstream) media outlets and schools directly.

As any non-elite person with two braincells left intact will look around when walking on the street and open his mouth.

Anything that comes out will qualify to be "racist".

Are the words the problem or the reason for the words?

Will eliminating "hate speech" eliminate the growing problem that is on its way towards extensive damage at best?

Here is a public announcement that the president should make:

"We do not accept that people living in our borders do not respect Finnish traditions and basic human rights. Christmas carols will not be silenced, and honor violence will not be tolerated. Any person thinking otherwise, acting otherwise will be deported"

Just this weekend walking in the streets with four other guys I encountered racism.

Some skinheads walking by muttered "Fucking Afghanis".


Nothing and. They continued, we continued. A group consisting of five different nationalities we could care less.

And here is an example of an oppressed class that has racism bestowed upon it:

"Girl dates Finn. Girl is beaten. Finn is beaten". And this is the problem of the Finn, not the problem of the intolerant racist sexist bigot of a family?

See the problem?

You do.

Elites tell us we are the problem.

At this point breaking the hate speech is impossible as the cancer of multi culti has taken over the society and the painful moans of the patient have been branded hate speech.

Heck, at this point, the society choosing to commit euthanasia would be called racist; racist against the cancer of multi culti. Yea. A society that committed suicide because it is racist.

Sounds far off?

Look at Sweden.

Sacrificing its girls for the horn god of diversity.

“Everyone should share responsibility as this was not an issue that could be delegated to others even via the ballot box,” she observed.

A Finns (Westerner's) first duty is to his children. Not to the dysfunctional imports of dysfunctional families from dysfunctional cultures.

When trying to leave a livable country for your grandchildren to grow in is called racism....

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