Thursday, December 08, 2011

No investing into the latin village cycle

Due to the second jug of Sangria on the table, I went for my third round in the gents.

This time the gigglings coming from a table on the way were unmistakable, but I had to.

On my way back I approach the table of five girls, motion one of them to move aside, and sit down.

One miniature brunette, cute cute, one blondie, meat in the right places, another blondie, maybe a four, but wnormous jugs, her friend another blondie, goodlooking but of the "looks like life sucks" types, and a gothic chic, who apparently was not in the group.

I joke about their giggling, they giggle more.

"Are you brazilian?" asks the brunette, the cutie,
"You like brazilians?" I ask
She nods like a girl in the funfare, "Yeees"
"Good. I am not Brazilian"
"Nope. So who was that Brazilian that made you don't go back?"
She smiles shyly, the answer is clear.

Blondie guesses me as German, some chats continue on that topic.

The girls are interested  and I like both the cutie and the meatie.

The other blondie wants to go party but the cutie has to wake up before eight next morning, so she says she will go home.

Since the blondie is staying at the cutie, together with meatie, some phone arrangements need to be made for the end of the night, when I get told

"I keep my phone silent because there are guys calling every fifteen minutes"

So, she is either a bicycle, or brainwashed little girl whose education is not my job.

We chat some more, laugh some more, now there is only cutie and meatie on the table.

Since cutie had a birthday the previous week but did not celebrate it "Was studying and went horse riding" (Information that is irrelevant once I get the bicycle vibe. A good bicycle is still a bicycle), and meatie claims she does great cheesecake, something I have a weakness for, we vaguely decide to host a birthday party in my  place, drinks and cheesecake. The date was set to an inconvenient date for me, but  it could work.

The girls decide to go home, cutie lives close to my place. For that, you need to turn right at the main street.

So we say our goodnights, and exchange numbers, and I return to my guys.

"I know the brunette, she likes latinos" says one guy.

This fits my vibe of bicycle. As if one girl goes "I like XXX", if it is not generic like "big men", "small men" etc, she usually turns out to be a groupie.

"I got that vibe anyway" I tell my boy, and we all get up to leave for the next place.

On the main street we turn left, right is towards my home, left is towards the town.

Just fifty meters later I see cutie at the door of a dive bar talking to a guy that I know.

Groupie. Bicycle. Plays sweet. Plays precious. Play in demand. Plays cute, is falling without a chute.

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